Call to Vote: Akara Robotics Nominated for Europa Tech Award

Akara Robotics, the company that helped during my LiA research and whose CEO (Dr Conor McGinn) guided me throughout my Laidlaw journey, has been nominated for the Europa "Hottest HealthTech Startup!" And we need your help!
Call to Vote: Akara Robotics Nominated for Europa Tech Award

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My company, Akara Robotics, has been nominated for the "Hottest HealthTech Startup" by the Europa Tech Awards. Now it's up to the public to help us get to the shortlist! Using the link or QR code below, vote for "Akara Robotics" in the "Hottest Healthtech Startup" category and submit! We thank you for your votes and please share the link with everyone you can. Every vote counts ⚡

My work is coming to fruition!

It's been a while everyone! Over the past two years, I have been contributing to the work of Akara Robotics (a robotics health-tech startup) ranging from researching in the field, helping with marketing, and creating new features in their Cloud Apps and Robots. Now, I'm happy to announce that our work is finally being recognised via the Europa Tech Awards! The awards would be a major step towards the further recognition of our work and would be an amazing honour to receive for myself and the team,

But, who are Akara Robotics?

Akara Robotic's mission is to modernize healthcare through technology. As it stands, current methods of cleaning and monitoring hospital rooms are inefficient, inconsistent, and can vary between wards. So how can we help? Akara provides robotic automation and Smart Cloud Apps that reduce hospital downtime and boost staff productivity. Alongside my research, we found that we can do more with less time while minimising the friction between implementation and deployment.  You can check out our website here!

Ok, I'm convinced, but how can we help?

Scan the QR code or follow the link to vote for "Akara Robotics" in the "Hottest Healthtech Category." That's the main category we're in but, feel free to vote in other categories if you're interested in, Voted already? Then share the link around to more people - The more the merrier!

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Go to the profile of Susanna Kempe
9 months ago

Voted! Good luck! This is fantastic. 

Go to the profile of Joe Linogao
9 months ago

Thank you for your support!