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Rugby star and “Be a Champion” founder Jamie Peacock discusses how leaders can build strong and robust habits to improve wellbeing.


Jamie Peacock MBE, one of the most successful rugby players in Super League History, has made it his mission to teach students healthy habits from a young age. In 2018, he established “Be A Champion,” a health, wellbeing and mentoring programme for pupils which has helped numerous young people across the country to reach their full potential, including the students at the Laidlaw Schools Trust.

Focusing on four critical habits: positive mindset, good sleep, healthy eating, and physical activity, the programme teaches students how they can create small daily changes to develop new habits so that they, too, can become champions.


06:02 - When did you first discover that you possessed leadership qualities?

08:46 - When did you decide that you could pivot from a career as a highly successful sportsman into a whole new arena?

12:00 - Which leadership qualities do you consider the most transferable from the sports field to a business environment.

16:24 - Why have you decided against being a professional coach?

18:29 - What made you decide to write the ‘Be a Champion’ wellbeing programme?

23:30 - How can families really change their lifestyles to be healthier when they have so many competing demands for their time and money?

26:13 - What do you still struggle most with professionally?

29:33 - What aspect of your own wellbeing is your biggest challenge?

32:28 - How can schools and universities focus as much on health and wellbeing as academic outcomes?  Do you think the focus on wellbeing and welfare should be greater?

34:36 - What is the best advice you would give to students and young people starting out in their careers to support them being successful?

36:22 - Which leaders inspire you, and why?

37:55 - What personal and professional ambitions do you still have?

40:04 - [Audience Question] What is the first step in putting ambition into action?

40:50 - [Audience Question] How do you keep yourself disciplined? What do you tell yourself to motivate when you really don't want to do something?

42:05 - [Audience Question] What are the key skills & qualities you believe are crucial for success?

43:07 - [Audience Question] What are some qualities you think leaders today are lacking?

43:52 - [Audience Question] What is the best way to build up your confidence?

44:44 - [Audience Question] How do you inject fun into your daily routine?

45:23 - [Audience Question] How do you balance motivating yourself & your team successfully?

47:38 - [Audience Question] How do people who don't naturally like sport start enjoying fitness?

48:40 - [Audience Question] How do you overcome setbacks?

50:36 - [Audience Question] How do you train yourself to not want junk food or sweets?

51:30 - [Audience Question] If you see someone overworking, how would you motivate that person to balance their life?

52:59 - [Audience Question] What makes you realize that you need a break? And what is it that you do?


Jamie Peacock MBE

Jamie Peacock MBE

Jamie Peacock played over 550 times over 19 seasons including 49 caps for his country which he captained for 8 years. At the end of his career in 2015 he had become the most decorated player of the modern Super League era winning a total of 9 Grand Finals, 4 Challenge Cup Finals, 4 World Club Challenges as well as being selected in the Super League Dream Team 11 times, the World 13 twice, Worlds’ Best Forward twice and in 2011 he was recognised for his services to the game and awarded an MBE.

As well as working in a commercial for the Leeds Rhinos and for the BBC, Jamie now runs a number of successful different enterprises ranging from Health & Wellbeing programs for students, a motivational talk entitled Champion Teams in which he covers 12 aspects in 3 areas of Self-Performance, Leadership and Team Collective that enable a team to become champions and finally he runs a Building Champions mentoring program that drives high-performance and builds strong, lasting leadership habits, companies to have used this program include, HSBC, NHS, McDonald’s, O2 and Sky Bet.

He is also now a keen endurance runner, having completed 4 Marathons and 2 Ultra Marathons the furthest being a 52 mile double Marathon around London. All of these have been completed to raise money for a number of different charities including MND, GreenHouse Sports Project and Sue Ryder Hospices, with over £100,000 being raised.

Ian Simpson


Ian Simpson

Ian is the Chief Executive Officer of Laidlaw Schools Trust. Known for his transformational leadership, Ian entered the world of education as a PE and Geography teacher in Yorkshire and steadily rose through the ranks of Head of PE, Head of Key Stage 3, Assistant Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Principal and Executive Principal.

He played a key role in several rapid turnarounds, guiding schools out of special measures by promoting cultures of aspiration and raising standards. Most notably, Ian led Oasis Academy Lister Park to its first-ever ‘Good’ judgement from Ofsted in under two years as Principal.

Ian is committed to ensuring that all children, regardless of their social and economic background, receive a first-class education. One of his ambitions is improving pupil wellbeing, and encouraging students and staff to be active and look after their physical and mental health. He is a passionate Rugby League fan, having played professionally at London, Huddersfield and Hunslet, and the sport remains a big part of his life.

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