📺 RECORDING | How To Be A Moral Leader with Jacqueline Novogratz

A recording of "How To Be A Moral Leader: Join The Revolution" - a conversation between best-selling author and Acumen Founder & CEO Jacqueline Novogratz, and Laidlaw Foundation CEO Susanna Kempe.

Thank you to everyone who attended! 

We hope that the webinar encouraged you to exercise your moral imagination and courage, and to come together to enact a moral revolution. As Jacqueline rightly pointed out - "Empathy without action reinforces the status quo."

Please continue the conversation in the comments below! What resonated the most with you? What will your personal manifesto look like? We asked you to state what you think is the most important trait of a moral leader when registering for the session - has your opinion changed or did the conversation reinforce your belief? In which ways are you going to exercise your moral imagination and courage? 

You can find out where you can get your own copy of Jacqueline's book Manifesto for a Moral Revolution: Practices To Build A Better World here.

Acumen Academy also has a course called The Path of Moral Leadership, which you can access for free if you buy the book from selected sellers - details here.

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over 2 years ago

There are moments when my job makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world. Having this conversation with Jacqueline, reading the fantastic comments and questions in the chat from our scholars, and hearing so many attendees commit to following a path of moral leadership going forward, are definitely some of them. I am so proud that Acumen told me that this was the most engaged group to whom they have presented, with the best questions. Thanks to everyone who participated. For those of you who missed it live, I would urge you to listen to Jacqueline. She is an extraordinary woman.