Tea Stapar (She/Her)

Undergraduate Biochemistry Student, Trinity College Dublin
Tarika Sodhi

Student, Laidlaw Scholar, Durham University

Cao Nuanyu

Student, University of Hong Kong

Trinity College Dublin joined the Laidlaw Network in 2018. The Laidlaw Programme offers undergraduate students at Trinity the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and experience to become active global citizens and future leaders. Laidlaw Scholars work with an academic supervisor on a self-directed, independent research project and take part in a suite of integrated leadership development activities which culminate in a challenging applied leadership experience. Laidlaw Scholars join a community of learning, driven by curiosity and collaboration, which enables diverse voices to make a meaningful impact. The Laidlaw Programme at Trinity is open to undergraduates in the second year of a four year programme or the second/third year of a five year undergraduate/integrated masters programme.
Jimena Alvarez

Political Science & Economics student, Trinity College Dublin

Hi! My name is Jimena Alvarez and I am a Peruvian second year student in Trinity College Dublin. I currently concluded my second year studying Political Science and Economics. My research project is titled "Exploratory research into the support worker’s perceptions of the integration experiences of Ukrainian refugees in Ireland".  The purpose of the research is to gather relevant and comprehensive data about support worker’s perceptions of the integration experiences of Ukrainian refugees in Ireland. I will be conducting a focus group and individual interviews with 12 support workers in the field of refugee aid.  I am very excited to connect with other Laidlaw scholars regardless of how different our research projects may be. I am always interested in learning from people with different backgrounds and interests. Feel free to contact me. See you all soon in the Laidlaw annual conference here in Trinity College Dublin!  
Meher Sabharwal

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hi! I'm Meher Sabharwal, a student of Biological and Biomedical sciences at Trinity College Dublin. As a part of my Summer 1 research project, I aim to explore the failure of brain energy uptake as an explanation for delirium in older and more vulnerable patients. Looking forward to connecting with everyone!
Eva McDonnell

Student, Trinity college Dublin

Hey everyone my name is Eva and I'm part of the 2023 Laidlaw scholar cohort. I'm currently studying pharmacy at Trinity college Dublin. I'm really interested in looking at how the development  of novel therapeutics can be used to solve current challenges in the medical field.  My Summer 1 research project focuses on the antimicrobial action of capsaicin on H. pylori cells and how this could be incorporated into current antibiotic regimes. 
Alexandra Thalberg

Undergraduate Student, Georgetown University

My name is Alexandra and I'm part of the 2023 Laidlaw Scholar Cohort. I'm currently studying biology at Georgetown University. I'm really interested in exploring the molecular mechanisms of breast cancer development.  My Summer 1 research project focuses on developing a system that can be used to test the effects of epigenetic regulators, like long non-coding RNAs, on cancer development. 
Sadbh McCannon

Student , Trinity College Dublin

Hi! I'm a second year Management Science and Informations Systems Studies student at Trinity College Dublin. My research topic falls outside of my undergrad, I am going to be exploring the current structures that are in place for the Irish Language Feature Film Industry and its potential for the future. 
Advik Bahadur

Electronic and Computer Engineering Student, Trinity college Dublin

Hi, I am an Computer and Electronic Engineering Student at Trinity College Dublin. My research project is involving analysing constrained adaptive networks on top of already exisiting frameworks to introduce autonomy to traditional networks in a resource efficient manner, 
Julia Anandarajah

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Advocate for finding alternatives to testing on animals Physiology student in TCD
Orla Keane

Medical Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hi I'm Orla! I am a medical student in Trinity and I'm from Dublin. I am doing my research on knowledge and awareness of Irish care home staff on Lewy Body Dementia. I'm really interested in dementia research and improving quality of care in nursing homes.  I try to keep a balance of study and fun by playing football and camogie, and I am currently training for a marathon! 
Oyinkansola Faith Olorunleke

Student, Trinity College Dublin

I am a 2nd Year Undergraduate student studying Biological and Biomedical Sciences. I am eager to expand my knowledge and experiences. I'm excited to leverage this expertise to tackle complex challenges and drive innovation to make a positive impact on the growing issues we face in our world today.
Eoin O'Connor

Undergraduate Biological and Biomedical Science Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hello, I'm Eoin O'Connor, currently studying Biological and Biomedical Science at Trinity College Dublin.  My research focuses on investigating the role of astrocytes, a type of glial cell in the brain, in the progression of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. I am particularly interested in understanding how inflammation outside the brain can exacerbate inflammatory and damaging events within the brain, ultimately leading to accelerated dementia. Outside of college, I enjoy reading and music. I play piano and guitar and have recently started performing at open mics. Some of my favourite bands include the Stone Roses and Fontaines D.C. Sport also plays a significant role in my life.
Devin Seward

Student , Trinity College Dublin

I am a Neuroscience student at Trinity College Dublin with a strong intrest in all things science.  My research project looks at the neurotoxicity of nanoplastics.  In my spare time I love to go sailing and hiking. 
Joel McKeever

(Former) Laidlaw Programme Coordinator, Trinity College Dublin

Joel was the Laidlaw Programme Coordinator for Trinity (2018 - 2024). In this role he managed leadership development activities, student coaching, programme design, and the day-to-day support of the Laidlaw Scholars. He is currently the Equality Officer (Acting) for Trinity.  Prior to joining the Careers Service, he worked in Trinity's Academic Registry as a Team Manager (Communications and Human Resources) with a focus on developing modern and inclusive support services for students and staff. He has previously worked with Trinity's Office of Global Relations to develop the Global Room and Campus Visit initiatives for international students. He is a founder and current Co-Chair of Trinity's LGBT+ Staff Network and is committed to Trinity's mission of fostering excellence by empowering accessibility and diversity in higher education. A graduate of Trinity, he holds a B.A. (Mod.) in English Studies, a Special Certificate in Academic Practice, and a nominal Master in Arts (Dubl.) from the university as well as a CIPD Diploma in Learning and Development (CIPD). 
Luke Pätzold

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Usually, I study Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures at Trinity College Dublin, however currently, I am spending one semester at Charles University Prague after having spent the last semester at the University of Granada. I am very interested in Holocaust Studies and my summer research project concerns the study of the influence of Holocaust fiction on public memory and the spread of misinformation. I conducted my research in the Research Department of the Memorial and Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau in Oświęcim, Poland. In my free time, I fence Épée.
Oana Tasca

English and Economics student, Laidlaw Foundation

Hi! I am a third-year English student at TCD. If I had to define my field of interest it would be words... How they are used to influence others and the way they shape us and the world we live in. My Research project focuses precisely on that: how the words that have been written over and over again in literature, and that we now recognise as the "literary canon", have influenced the view of those who are not part of this canon, or whose voices have not been heard. In my free time you can find me writing, painting or wandering in nature.  If you have any similar interests or if you want to know more about my research shoot me a text here on the network, I'd love to connect!
Olamide Obadina

Global Business student , Trinity College Dublin

Hi! I am a 3rd year undergraduate scholar at Trinity College Dublin studying Global Business, and I am currently on my study abroad in ESCP Paris. My research project centres on the importance of female leaders from ethnic minorities in the business C-suite & the necessity for better racial and gender diversity on executive boards worldwide.  I’m really looking forward to meeting new people and experiencing new things on this journey!
Domhnall Roe

Medical Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hey! My name is Domhnall and I am a second year medical student at Trinity College Dublin. My research area of interest lies in counteracting anti-microbial resistance and finding new ways to treat microbial infections. My research project will involve taking a novel approach to target Uropathogenic E. coli, which is the main causative agent of urinary tract infections globally.  
Alannah Maxwell

Undergraduate student, Trinity College Dublin

I am currently an undergraduate PPES student at Trinity College Dublin. I have chosen the Joint Honours Pathway, specialising in Political Science and Sociology.  My research project for summer one, titled "Sporting Bonds: Can sporting programmes properly facilitate the meaningful integration of migrant and host communities in Ireland?", concerns the efficacy of community-led integrative programmes that use sport as a means of blurring inter-cultural barriers and bringing together diverse communities. I will be working with Sport Against Racism Ireland, an established Irish NGO that delivers various sporting programmes aimed at facilitating and implementing anti-discrimination practices in Irish communities.  In my spare time I enjoy playing football and basketball, reading, and wandering around taking photos of things I see.