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About Robb Calder

I am a third year undergraduate studying astrophysics at the University of St Andrews. My research interest is in exoplanetary science, specifically cloud formation in exoplanetary atmospheres and how this process influences the abundance of bio-tracers in atmospheres.

I enjoy running in St Andrews and at home. I am an active contributor to Strava, and train regularly for running events. I also frequently use the university gym and follow regular fitness routines to complement my running.

My passions also extend to music: I play and conduct in the university wind orchestra and I have also played with several brass bands in the local community. Additionally, I am the events manager for the university music society, and I am working on new and exciting ways to organise online socials for the society. 

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Undergraduate Scholar

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Physics Science

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Astronomy Astrophysics Climate Studies Physics

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University of St Andrews

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United Kingdom

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Film & TV Gaming Gym Music Politics & current events Programming Reading Running/jogging Technology

I am open to participating in mentoring/buddy programmes


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Research Proposal: Clouds and Weather on Hot Jupiters

This is the proposal for my research project in the first summer: 'Clouds and Weather on Hot Jupiters'

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