Supakorn (Nikko) Juengsophonvitavas

Astrophysics Student, University of St Andrews
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About Supakorn (Nikko) Juengsophonvitavas

Hello Everyone!

My name is Supakorn but I normally go by Nikko, I am a second-year undergraduate Astrophysics Student at the University of St Andrews. My research this summer is to produce a catalogue of active galactic nuclei for a future space telescope mission to help further our understanding of the origin of our Universe.

As a student from Thailand, I have worked with the National Astronomical Research Institution of Thailand during most of my breaks since the summer of 2018. I find the observational and computational side of Astrophysics to be the most fascinating, and I intend to specialise in either Extragalactic or Stellar Evolution in the radio wavelength in the future. I am trained for both AZ and Equitorial mounts for manual refractor and reflector telescopes, as well as basic landscape astrophotography. I am current the Senior Observing Director for the University of St Andrews Astronomical Society.

Apart from being at the observatory, I enjoy a good walk/hike and spending time outside. don't play the piano as much as I should but I do enjoy participating in musical activities, ceilidh included. I also do magic which seems to surprise most people (Not the conjuring kind).

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Astronomy Astrophysics Computer Science

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Photography Programming

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