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I've started a blog to specifically document the ins and outs of my research, as well as develop an outreach tool for the second year of my project.

Firstly, it's been great getting started on my project recently! I've been reading some challenging but very insightful literary theory, and also had a trip to the Yorkshire Dales alongside my fellow Leeds 2021 cohort - an experience I enjoyed immeasurably. 

The Laidlaw Scholars Network is a great place to platform and present the skills and leadership development being undertaken as a scholar. For my specific research - investigating how nature is used to both positively and negatively reflect characters' psychological states - I have begun a blog to document the ins and outs of the material I am learning and digesting. I'm hoping that, in the second summer of the project, I will be able to develop some more literature-based social outreach tools and this blog also feeds into that. 

Please feel free to take a look here:

So far I have covered some introductions, included pages with general ideas about literary engagement with nature, and written a piece about how pastoralism in literature may constitute a gloss for class inequality. 

Don't worry though - I still intend to reflect on the broader skill set I'm developing through the scholarship and make other posts here as well :) 

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Go to the profile of Cath Brislane
over 1 year ago

This is great Mia! You are more than free to share this blog on the Discord so that has better visibility to arts and humanities scholars. Best of luck with the rest of our research period!

Go to the profile of Mia Fulford
over 1 year ago

Thanks Cath! Please could you let me know how to join it? 

Go to the profile of Cath Brislane
over 1 year ago

Of course Mia! If you drop me a message I'll send you the Discord link :)