Ananya P (She/Her)

Student, Barnard College
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Noel Ullom

Research Scholar, Barnard College, Columbia University

Hi everyone! My name is Noel Ullom and I am a student at Barnard College studying Political Science and Theatre. While I am more generally fascinated by the fields of political theory, metaphysics, and theatre, I am interested in researching the influence of contrasting philosophies around free will on the queer liberation movement in Italy for my Laidlaw project. I would love to connect with you all!
Reese Taylor

Research Scholar, Barnard College, Columbia University

Reese Taylor is an intended philosophy major with a focus on human rights or race and ethnicity studies on a pre-law track. At the LaidLaw Institute, she aims to initiate research into the historical and contemporary impact of "self-help" rhetoric on Black communities, aspiring to unveil persistent oppression and advocate for meaningful change.
Ayam Babu

CS & Maths Student, University of St Andrews

Aleena Mehta

Student, Barnard College, Columbia University

Hi, my name is Aleena Mehta and I am a sophomore at Barnard College, majoring in Economics with a minor in Political Science. I grew up in Jammu and Kashmir, India, and hence have always been fascinated by the field of geopolitics. My research at the Laidlaw Foundation would revolve around extrapolating a relationship between state sovereignty and civil rights violations in the Kashmir crisis. This includes understanding the threat to the autonomy and stability of non-state actors in periods of territorial conflicts while investigating the recent socio-economic developments in the region.
Iris Shu

Laidlaw Scholar, Barnard College

I am a rising third-year at Barnard College of Columbia University studying Economic & Social History with a minor in Science & Public Policy.
Avery Lambert

Student, Barnard College

Avery Lambert is a student at Barnard College majoring in Medieval and Renaissance Studies with minors in Political Science and Classics. Her research focuses on political theory in 1260s England and the Second Barons' War.
Nazira Davroni

Student, Barnard College

I am a student of the class of 2025 studying Anthropology and Human Rights. My hometowns are Chicago and Samarkand, Uzbekistan. My research interests include exploring the intersection of culture, identity, and transnational politics, especially in Central Asian communities. A deeper understanding of these topics is valuable for effective policy-making. As a Laidlaw Scholar, I am excited to build my leadership skills and gain hands-on research experience to make an impact on my community and beyond.
Lucia Santos

History Student, Barnard College

I am a rising senior at Barnard studying history, concentrating on the history of empires and colonialism with specific interest in food history. I research how people, culture, and the environment interact through food.
Marina Senderos Garcia

Undergraduate Student, Barnard College of Columbia University

Although I am from Mexico City, I have lived abroad for most of my life in places such as London and São Paulo. Now, I am part of the Class of 2026 at Barnard College in New York, and my prospective majors are philosophy and economics. I am interested in understanding abstract concepts to then investigate their concrete manifestation in every-day life, hence the interdisciplinary nature of my research and leadership. Being the granddaughter of immigrants who fled from both the Spanish Civil War and the Cuban dictatorship, I am constantly drawn to the complexities of how people's identities, beliefs and economic realities shape their contribution to local communities. Ultimately, I am passionate about helping marginalised communities and contributing to a more egalitarian society as a whole.
Hannah Ramsey

Undergraduate Student, Barnard College

My name is Hannah Ramsey (she/her), and I am a junior at Barnard College studying neuroscience and English, though my research is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing heavily from the fields of medical anthropology, sociology, and narrative medicine. Currently, I am researching how clinicians' reliance on body composition indicators (BCIs) in health assessments may contribute to the stigmatization of bodies. My intention with this work is to illuminate how moral and aesthetic biases within healthcare teams can negatively influence patient outcomes as a result of the stigmatizing effects associated with body-centric paradigms of health promotion. The goal of this research is to begin conceiving alternative approaches to promoting patients' physical health and subjective well-being that are both body-affirming and size-agnostic. Apart from this research, I also have personal and academic interests in creative writing, writing pedagogy, and advocacy as it relates to the neurodiversity movement. In my spare time, I enjoy writing poetry, playing guitar, and taking long walks outside!
Jasmine Gates

Undergraduate Leadership & Research Scholar , Barnard College of Columbia University

Jasmine is from Santa Cruz, California and pursuing a combined major of Medical Anthropology and Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies at Barnard College'25. Her interests in public health and reproductive justice have led her to research on the changes in US maternal morbidity rates after the Supreme Court ruling of Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, which took away the constitutional right to abortion.