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About Joshua William Dexter

About me
I am an enthusiastic and open-minded problem solver who enjoys new challenges and trying to make a difference in the world. I worked as charity fundraiser for 7 years before coming to university and have raised over £1m for some amazing organisations. I am currently studying Chemistry at Durham University and I have a keen interest in synthetic and catalytic chemistry.

My Laidlaw research involves the use of azanides (amimo anions) to cleave/transamidate amide bonds hopefully with synthetic applications for peptide synthesis and peptidomimetics. For my first summer (2020) this is in the form of a literature review. By examining advances made in the area over the past 5-10 years, I am hoping to produce a literature review for publication and gain a deeper understanding into the chemistry of transamidation. From this I should be able to design further experiments researching transamidation to discover chemistry for use in peptide synthesis.

Other interests
I do outreach work through the university; working with local children by getting them playing with fun, hands-on experiments to hopefully get them interested in science and thinking about the world in a more scientific way. This occurs both in the department and by going out into schools. I am also the president of the Northern society at Durham University.

Future plans
I am hoping to go abroad for my second summer to help build international connections within the Laidlaw network and academic community. After I graduate, I am looking to progress into research.

My research interests focus around synthetic and catalytic chemistry so please feel free to contact me (or pass my details on) regarding synthetic and catalytic research prospects.

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Proposal Chemistry

Research Proposal: Transamination of Amides Using Azanides

My proposal is to discover under what reaction conditions azanides (amino anions) can be used to cleave and transaminate amides, i.e. to cleave the amide bond and replace the amine part with a different amine residue.

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