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Joshua William Dexter

Chemistry Student, Durham University
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About Joshua William Dexter

A conscientious and enthusiastic ex-charity worker, I have been accepted as a Laidlaw scholar in 2020. I am a Chemistry student at Durham University with a keen interest in synthetic chemistry. My Laidlaw research involves the use of azanides (amino anions) to cleave/transaminate amide bonds hopefully with synthetic applications for peptidomimetics. Outside of my studies, I enjoy volunteer work through the University working with local children to help get them more interested in science.


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Proposal Chemistry

Research Proposal: Transamination of Amides Using Azanides

My proposal is to discover under what reaction conditions azanides (amino anions) can be used to cleave and transaminate amides, i.e. to cleave the amide bond and replace the amine part with a different amine residue.

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