Ruth Siddall

Academic Director, UCL Laidlaw Scholarships Programme, UCL
Ananya Ashta

Student, University College London

I'm a student of Economics at University College London and as part of the Laidlaw programme, I'm researching building applications in subaltern housing in Imperial Shimla. This is a small part of a larger project studying social geography and urban planning in three cities: Jalandhar, Nasik and Shimla. 

When I'm not drowning under coursework, I write for the research division of the Economic Tribune at UCL. I also enjoy practicing Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and have recently been introduced to climbing. 

Iñaki Iriarte is a Laidlaw Scholar working with UCL's Institute of the Americas on researching political representation in Brazil.
Reuben Morris-Dyer

Art History and Film Undergraduate, Flat B

Hello! I'm Reuben, an Art History and Film student researching 'The Sonic Body: Technology, Embodiment, Gender' with the University of St Andrews and Trinity College Dublin. I am also a student filmmaker and illustrator, and host 'The Theory of Everything Podcast' for StAR Radio.

Hi! I'm a second year History of Art (BA) student studying at UCL. I am interested in the expansive field of art and design, from architecture to software design! I follow too many podcasts, I always have a painting on the go, and I've recently been trying to visit as many online exhibitions as possible.
Matthew Fackrell

Laidlaw Undergraduate Research Scholar, Durham University

Anthropology and Sociology Undergraduate; from Bristol, UK. I am completing a research project on narrative transmission and reproduction, looking at how oral accounts of geological events are passed down accurately over generations. By understanding how narratives are constructed I am keen to explore interdisciplinary approaches, particularly between Anthropology, Linguistics, Computer-Human Interaction, and Cognition. Other interests include literature, art and photography, architecture, astronomy, and outdoor pursuits.
Will Chantry

Second year BA Geography undergraduate , UCL

I am a second-year Geography undergraduate at UCL, with a keen interest in urban sustainability. Ambitious and highly driven by creating positive impact, I am looking for a career in either public policy or consultancy. This would ideally focus on creating a sustainable urban future in the context of the climate crisis.
I am currently in my final year of an integrated Masters degree in Biochemistry at University College London. I was amongst the first cohort of Laidlaw Scholars at UCL. Research throughout my degree has led to an interest in computational biology and I am specifically interested in how we can use technology to enhance research, as well as to improve human wellbeing through the digital health sector.
Alexandra Zhirnova

Alumna | Cambridge MPhil Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic | UCL Laidlaw Society Outreach Officer, UCL

Alexandra Zhirnova is a medievalist specialising in Latin literature. She has a special interest in women's history and manuscript culture and a mission to promote equality in academia and beyond.
Biotech/bioeng/synbio projects and startup
Patrick Laske

Student, University College London