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Hanna Al-Metrami

Student, UCL

About Hanna Al-Metrami

I am currently in my final year of an integrated Masters degree in Biochemistry at University College London. I was amongst the first cohort of Laidlaw Scholars at UCL which provided me with an invaluable opportunity to investigate mitochondrial DNA abnormalities (mtDNA) in a mouse model that were present due to a deficient mitochondrial protein (MPV17). The mtDNA abnormalities manifested in a pathology that affects the brain, liver and muscle. Research throughout my degree has led to an interest in computational biology and I am specifically interested in how we can use technology to enhance research, as well as to improve human wellbeing through the digital health sector.


Undergraduate Scholar

Area of Expertise

Computer Science Health Science Technology

Research Topic

Biological Sciences


University College London

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