Emma Porter

Student, University of St Andrews
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Cath Brislane

Subject Lead/ Undergraduate Scholar, University of York

I am a final-year undergraduate scholar pursuing a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Linguistics at the University of York. Besides being a scholar, I am the Arts and Humanities Subject Lead on the Scholar's Network and the 2020-22 Arts and Humanities faculty rep at the University of York! My first summer of research was based in phonetics, entitled 'The untapped potential of human language: Investigating the perception of typologically unattested and rare sounds'. In it, I get to look at phonemes that are not commonly found in speech, if at all!

My Leadership in Action project was based around the experiences of students with disabilities and long-term health conditions when accessing Higher Education in the UK. I'm currently creating teacher training based on the paper I wrote for this project, and working with UCAS to help inform UK university admissions policy. 

I am a tertian undergraduate student of Physics and Mathematics, University of St Andrews, Scotland. With a background in biology, my interests lie in rewilding, quantum biology, and integrated ecological restoration (think a mixture of art history, mathematical modelling, biodiverisity surveying, &c.&c.). I am an avid hiker; some of my fondest memories are of climbing Mt Chimborazo while volunteering in Ecuador, running wild in the bush in my home country, New Zealand, and exploring the French Pyrenees. When not tackling differential equations or mountains, I indulge in painting and writing poetry.
Mathilde Roze

Student, University of St Andrews

I'm a 4th Year undergraduate geology student at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, UK. My Laidlaw research is focused primarily on understanding how early life interacted with its environment and how this environment may have in turn impacted upon lives evolution. In summer 2019, I undertook 2 weeks fieldwork in South Africa for my Laidlaw scholarship, collected samples and images. My research scope has adapted as I have continued my Laidlaw journey. I started off by looking at what 2.5 billion-year-old (Ga) rocks can tell us about the chemistry of ancient oceans, but after my fieldwork, I changed my focus to look at even older (3.47 Ga) rocks which contain evidence of some of the oldest life on Earth. I am spending summer 2020 investigating how the organisms preserved in these rocks may have biomineralised magnetic minerals and used these to navigate using Earth's magnetic field. I'm a classic crazy rock person, with a passion for the outdoors, rock music, and extreme sports like whitewater kayaking and mountain biking. I grew up in the Scottish Borders and have spent my life exploring the Scottish Mountains. Geology has taken me all over the world so far, from Greenland to the Alps and the U.A.E., and I'm certainly looking forward to more adventures to come!
Mostin Hu

4th Year Medical Student , University of St Andrews (BSc Hons 2021), University of Cambridge (current)

Hi there! My name is Mostin Hu and I'm a fourth-year medic. During my time at the University of St Andrews, my research looked at the impact of intracellular parasites on host cells (it's not as gross as it sounds, I promise!). Outside of medicine and research, my secret indulgences include ballet, baking, sewing, and spending time with my four cats.

Aaron Carruthers

Student, St. Andrews

Tom Burdge

Founder, Researcher and Podcast Host, buddhistphilosophy.co.uk

I am the founder of buddhistphilosophy.co.uk where I currently host podcasts with expert guests in Buddhist philosophical practice and theory. With this project, I am to contribute toward correcting the entrenched Eurocentric bias in philosophy by creating an inclusive space for learning about Buddhist philosophy. As a Laidlaw Scholar, I have researched on researched philosophy of time, Buddhist philosophy, and philosophy of language. My research output includes a paper entitled Meaning in Gibberish (forthcoming in Aporia). I have presented this paper and discussed related issues in talks and workshops at the University of St Andrews and the University of Edinburgh. Language learning holds a high in priority in my studies and research. I have studied some Pali (OCBS levels 1 and 2) and I read French fluently. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any interest in the following: Buddhism, Buddhist philosophy, Ambedkar studies, women and Buddhist philosophy, cross-cultural philosophy, critical theory, French philosophy, Laruelle’s non-philosophy, non-Buddhism, philosophy of nonsense, philosophy of death.
James Samuel (He/Him)

Student, University of St Andrews

I am a forth year Medieval History and Art History student at the University of St Andrews. My areas of interest vary but fields that have interested me in the past have included: late medieval and early modern religious history in western Europe; social and labour history in the nineteenth and early-twentieth century; and the history of early modern art and architecture in northern Europe. My research project was supervised by Drs Amy Blakeway and Jacqueline Rose. Titled 'History, religion and community in North East Fife', my project investigated the history of the village of Kingsbarns using archival material and interviews. My essay was a social history of the area, with a section on historical methodology.

In my second summer, I created and hosted a local history workshop in collaboration with the Boomerang Community Centre in Stobswell, Dundee. This combined archival research with an empowering leadership project, which encouraged participants to continue to investigate historical topics they are passionate about. The workshop was greatly successful, and feedback from the participants was wholly positive.

Lucia Guercio

Student, University of St. Andrews

I am a passionate and enterprising individual about to start her Honours career in Art History at the University of St. Andrews. My main interests are art, literature and public affairs, which I am trying to pursue both at university and in my research "Artistic translations of Dante's Inferno". I am deeply committed to connect my own Italian educational background with the experiences I am making abroad, as it emerges also from my research topic: I advocate for a better understanding of my culture but also a wider integration in a globalised academic environment. I am always looking for opportunities in the art world, with focus on the art market and investment sector, and I am also open to any kind of entrepreneurial programme for young women, since I see my faculty of choice as just a starting point for my future career, rather than a closed sector.
Jillian Ducker

Student , University of St. Andrews

I am a current undergraduate student at St. Andrews University and am part of the 2020/2021 Laidlaw cohort. I am a history and international relations joint honours student at the university. I am extremely passionate about historical research, especially early modern gender studies and intellectual history. My interest in international relations lies in decolonial studies and activism, as well as the burgeoning field of feminist research. My research project for the summer of 2020 is a study of the representation of the wives of Henry VIII in popular media. I hope to explicate both the modern influence in these representations, as well as tracing the historical mythos surrounding these women by examining similarities to much older popular media about these Queens.
Rebekah Cathcart

Undergraduate , University of St Andrews

Annie Layhe

Student Researcher, University of St Andrews

I am a fifth-year studying Theoretical Physics at the University of St Andrews. My research is about quantum thermodynamics, more specifically on how a two-level quantum dot behaves in a dissipative environment with memory. I am also the President of the Physics Society, where we aim to foster a strong community and host academic and careers focused events that help the students learn and network. I can usually be found knitting a scarf or two whilst enjoying a good cup of tea.
Aubrey George

Undergraduate Laidlaw Scholar, Laidlaw Research and Leadership Scholarship

I am a fourth year pursuing a Bachelor of Arts with International Honours in Economics through a joint degree programme integrating The College of William and Mary with The University of St. Andrews. I have studied both International Relations and Economics in depth from an American and British perspective, and have benefitted from each university's respective areas of expertise. My research within Laidlaw has been conducted in the Classics department, which gives testament to my appreciation for interdisciplinary research.
Michael Sutherland

Student, Saint Andrews University

I'm a Scottish mathematician studying at St. Andrews University. I am inquisitive by nature and thus have split my degree into pure and applied maths modules to reflect this, in hopes to deepen my understanding of logic and reasoning, while also staying in touch with the reality. I especially enjoy pure mathematics which is useful in the real world, such as fractal geometry and number theory. In my spare time I like to do martial arts, having done Judo for several years and recently joined Ju Jitsu. I also enjoy reading Science fiction, playing piano, and learning more about politics, science & economics.

Finlay Langham (she/her)

Student, University of St Andrews

I'm a third-year student at St Andrews studying English! My research is into spoken word poetry and its connection to politics, particularly in Edinburgh (it's a bit niche but I love it). I am also part of the feminist society and a public face of Nightline. I love to meet new people and bake what is objectively too much shortbread at odd hours.
Anna Harris (she/her)

Student, St Andrews University

I'm a third-year English student at the University of St Andrews! My primary research areas are Early Modern Literature and I am particularly interested in the intersection of religious beliefs and gender roles at that time. In my spare time, I'm a CV adviser with the University's careers centre and I manage the programming at St Andrews Radio - the only radio station in St Andrews!
Molly Chung

BSc Mathematics Graduate, University of St Andrews

I'm a BSc Mathematics graduate from the University of St Andrews. My research looks at twelve tone music from an abstract algebra perspective, with the hopes of gaining insight into the thoughts and compositional methods of various composers.

Joseph Luke

Student, University of St Andrews

Reuben Morris-Dyer

Art History and Film Undergraduate, Flat B

Hello! I'm Reuben, an Art History and Film student researching 'The Sonic Body: Technology, Embodiment, Gender' with the University of St Andrews and Trinity College Dublin. I am also a student filmmaker and illustrator, and host 'The Theory of Everything Podcast' for StAR Radio.

The Laidlaw Scholarship Programme in Research and Leadership is sponsored by a generous donation from The Rt Hon Lord Laidlaw of Rothiemay, an honorary graduate of the University. This exciting programme equips students with the skills and values to become the leaders of tomorrow in their chosen discipline and beyond University. Over two years Scholars complete a bespoke, intensive leadership training programme. In addition, they participate in two periods of research during which they work on designing, pursuing and reporting a research question in collaboration with an academic in their chosen School. This programme is open to undergraduate students in their penultimate year of study. Please see the Laidlaw website for more information at http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/go/laidlaw