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Hi, I'm Leaderboard. I'm a third year student studying Computer Science and Mathematics, and spending a year abroad at Purdue University. My research interests lie in computer architecture and compiler optimisations, and last summer I analysed the effects of compiler optimisations on the run-time performance of different applications. A write-up on this is available at https://github.com/Leader-board/Reports/blob/master/Report%205%20-%20Compiling%20and%20optimising%20Laidlaw.pdf


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University of St Andrews

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Compiling and optimising - effects of different flags on performance of C(++) applications

It is usually the fact that when a C program is compiled using the /O1, /O2 or with another optimisation setting, the performance increases. But what exactly in that flag makes all the difference? Turns out that the answer is not that obvious.


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