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I am an Archaeology student at the University of York. My main areas of research interest are focused around using primatology to teach us about the origins of our own species and our behaviours. However, my Laidlaw research project is giving me the unique opportunity to explore another area of Archaeology, ancient plant DNA. My project, entitled, 'Historic Corn Smut: Using ancient DNA methods to understand the risk to UK agriculture', is allowing me to learn about ancient DNA methods during my undergraduate degree. This is something I would not normally get the opportunity to do until masters level. The project is an exciting insight into the evolution of a particular fungal pathogen and looking at the risk this evolutionary progress poses to farming in the UK. As well as being a busy student, I am also a mother of two children under five years of age. Combining these two things has taught me the importance of time management, prioritising and has made me even more determined to succeed.

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