Julie Dory (she/her)

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hi there! My name is Julie and I am a Third Year student of English Literature & German at Trinity College Dublin. On a day-to-day basis, I serve as the Liaison Officer for Trinity Q Soc and as the Student Union Class Rep for Third Year students in Joint Honors English Literature.

My primary interests lie in contemporary literature and its thematic relevance to current events. My research project will look at internal misogyny in the works of Margaret Atwood.

I look forward to getting to connect with you and getting involved with the programme! 

Rucha Benare (she/her)

Biomedical engineering research student, Trinity College Dublin

I am a fourth-year undergraduate interested in fields such as mechnobiology, biohybrid prosthetics, biophysics, psychlogy, and philosophy. One of my biomedical engineering projects is currently with Laidlaw at Trinity College Dublin, where we are working on developing a microphysiological model of the osteocytic network in bone that can be used to better understand the (patho)physiology of bone using Direct Laser Writing technology. Please feel free to contact me here or on LinkedIn for any discussions regarding the aforementioned topics!

Ronan Lyons

Associated Professor in Economics, Trinity College Dublin

Lidia Tajber

Associate Professor in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology , Trinity College Dublin

Jessica Mahon

Human Genetics undergraduate student , Trinity College Dublin

Hi, I'm Jessica Mahon, and I am interested in genetics, both from a conservation and a human standpoint. I'm in 3rd year of Human Genetics at Trinity College Dublin. I'm from Ireland and speak both English and Irish. I spend my spare time taking part in yoga, meditating and enjoying the outdoors. 

My Laidlaw research project is based on the genetic susceptibility of amphibians to chytridiomycosis disease to find a new conservation method for susceptible amphibian species. I'd love to chat with others who are interested in genetics and science!

Hugh Gallagher

LLB (Pol. Sci.) Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hello! My name is Hugh Gallagher and I am an undergraduate law student at Trinity College Dublin. My research focuses on social and legal visions of property in Ireland and their interactions with the Travelling Community. I strive to be driven by empathy and am passionate about the role of law in social justice!

David Hoey

Associate Professor, University of Dublin, Trinity College

My research focus is to integrate engineering mechanics into the understanding of the molecular basis of musculoskeletal physiology and disease. My teams research has discovered novel mechanisms by which bone can sense and respond to a biophysical stimulus. In particular, we are focused on determining indirect and direct biophysical regulation of skeletal stem cell contributions to bone formation and repair and how this is altered in disease. These platforms have potential to result in new orthobiologics and biomaterials that mimic the beneficial effect of biophysical stimuli and treat large bone defects and orthopaedic diseases such as osteoporosis.
Daniel Faas

Professor in Sociology, Trinity College Dublin

Michael Officer

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hello, my name is Michael and I'm a third year zoology student at Trinity College Dublin.

My research will investigate factors contributing to the transmission of avian influenza to farmed poultry. I'm delighted to be a part of the Laidlaw community and am really excited to get in touch with many of you! My current interests are in rewilding, phenological responses to environmental change and behavioural ecology. But really anything!

Joe Linogao

Research Student, Engineering wth Management, Trinity College Dublin

Hello! My name is Joe Linogao (he/him), and I am an Engineering with Management student at Trinity College Dublin. I became a Laidlaw Scholar for TCD on April 2021 with my research proposal, "Automated Procedure for the Microbial Analysis of Contact Plates."

For my course, I specialise in Energy/Fluid studies, focusing on fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and engineering design. Despite this, I have taken a keen interest in robotics and machine learning which were major influencers for my research project. Additionally, I am currently a part of a student-led Robotics research team under the same supervisor I have for Laidlaw.

Outside of college work, I am very interested in Arduino, coding (MATLAB/Python are my strongest languages), Solidworks and 3D Printing, all of which I have great knowledge with. However, I am always willing to hone my skills and learn other skills if need be.

My hobbies include music and Dungeons & Dragons (like the absolute nerd I am). Regarding music, I've posted many songs (covers & originals) on outlets such as Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, and many more (check out my website for more details)! Due to this, I also have plenty of experience with software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Claudia Friel

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hi! My name is Claudia, and I’m an undergraduate philosophy student at TCD. My Laidlaw research project regards the public’s reaction to the Covid-19 related lockdown measures, with a view to providing some insight into the current socio-political zeitgeist. I’ll be doing this with the help of the work of political theorist & philosopher Hannah Arendt.

Sinead Cummins

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hi! My name is Sinead, I'm a third year medical student at Trinity College Dublin. My research investigates the innate and adaptive immune response to SARS-CoV-2. I am passionate about all things healthcare-related, in particular immunology and infectious disease! 

Kyle Ginsberg

Student, Trinity College Dublin

I am a third year Sociology and English Literature student at Trinity College Dublin. My research involves the digital LGBTQ+ community during the initial COVID-19 quarantine and mental health resources. I am very excited to be participating in the Laidlaw program!

Isabella Stein

Pharmacy Student, Trinity College

Hi, I'm Isabella Stein and I am a pharmacy student at Trinity College. I am so excited to be part of the Laidlaw Scholars Network and am really looking forward to connecting with other members! Some of my current interests lie in pharmacy, drug development and the "greening" of the pharmaceutical industry. My research focuses on the development more effective, more efficient and more sustainable medicines through ionic liquid formulation approaches.

Conor Ryan

Student, Trinity College Dublin

I am a third year undergraduate pursuing a B.A. in Theoretical Physics in Trinity College Dublin. The research project I am doing is titled "Computational Study of Dipolar Noise in Molecular Spin Qubits". This project is in the field of quantum technologies and in it I aim to investigate quantum decoherence in molecular spin systems through the use of numerical simulations.

Veronica O'Keane

Professor in Psychiatry, Trinity College Dublin

We are a psychiatry-neuroscience group that examine biomarkers of depression, and examine related Neuroimaging markers.
Sophie Lawlor

Medical Student, TCD

Shane Wallace

Walsh Family Assistant Professor in Classics and Ancient History, Trinity College Dublin

Samuel Bateman

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Robert Clampett

Student, School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin

Current physics undergraduate student in Trinity College Dublin, with aspirations for post-graduate studies. I have worked on projects ranging from understanding noble ion implantation, to developing optical nano-structures, and functionalisation of 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides. My other interests include long-distance running and cycling.