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Diana J Capone

Administrative Coordinator, Tufts University

Research and Academic Administration
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Lewys Jones

Ussher Assistant Professor in Ultramicroscopy, Trinity College Dublin

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Camilla Persello

Student, Trinity College Dublin

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Lorenzo Molinari

Student, University College London (UCL)

Hi all! My name is Lorenzo and I am an Engineering Undergraduate student at University College London. As part of my Laidlaw experience I specialised in Autism Research, from a psychological and engineering perspective. Among all the tasks that I performed, I conducted workshops with autistic and neurotypical adolescents, analysed psychometric data using SPSS and created MATLAB scripts to analyse medical imaging data of infants' brains. Alongside Autism Research, I am interested in the Education Sector, particularly in how the emerging technologies and positive role-models can be leveraged to tackle educational inequality in the UK.
Raleigh International is a sustainable development charity that empowers young people with the skills, experience and connections to be leaders of change. We deliver long-lasting change in both people and the world. We encourage young people to: develop innovative solutions that keep people healthy and safe from disease; create a cleaner, fairer and more sustainable future for the planet; and equip young people to tackle the global employment challenge. For more information, please check out our blog: https://raleighinternational.org/blog/?countries=7
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Daniel Hall

4th Year Engineering Student, Trinity College Dublin