Bidemi Afolabi

Co-Founder, ProMotion

I am the co-founder and CEO of Promotion Intelligence. We are changing the way consumer intelligence works.

We offer real-time, verified, consumer insights, across all retail channels, to companies, so that they can learn about their true customer, and within their category, down to the SKU level. We allow companies to uncover insights that, until now, have been unavailable. Our unique dataset gives you the opportunity to not only learn about trends in consumer behaviours but also to discover true consumer sentiment and reasoning, through targeted surveys and offers.

Our team placed 1st in Trinity College Launchbox Demo Day, and has also been accepted into multiple other esteemed entrepreneurship programmes, such as New Frontiers Phase 2, the Blackstone Launchpad Summer Fellowship and the Enactus X Citi Pathways to Progress. We are also enrolled in the DBIC Investor Ready Programme, and are happy to be based in Dogpatch Labs in Dublin.

My background in research, as a Laidlaw Research and Leadership Scholar, and experience in retail pharmacy has made me passionate about aggregating and analysing consumer insights, to provide real business intelligence to companies from industries such as FMCG, retail, food and beverage, and more. I recently qualified as a Pharmacist, and throughout my studies, I not only learned about taking a scientific approach to learning and market research, but also about the consumer, as during that time I built up more than 5 years retail pharmacy experience. I am now a qualified Pharmacist. Prior to my time in Trinity College Dublin, I was fortunate to receive a scholarship for my secondary school education in Clongowes Wood College, having previously attended St James’ CBS, James’ Street.

I was honoured to be listed as one of the ’50 People to Watch in 2021’ by The Irish Times, and the Irish Independent "30 under 30".

In terms of my other interests, I used to play football professionally, for Oxford City FC, and Corby Town FC. I'm passionate about mental and physical health and fitness, and when I'm not in the office, you'll find me reading, programming, or at the gym. 

Bernice Murphy

Associate Professor/Lecturer in Popular Literature, Trinity College Dublin

William Grugan

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hi everyone! My name is William "Liam" Grugan, and I am thrilled to take part in Trinity's 2021 Laidlaw Cohort. In Dublin, I study Middle Eastern and European Languages and Culture (focusing specifically on German and Arabic) and, as a member of the Dual Bachelors Program between Trinity College Dublin and Columbia University, I will finish out my studies (majoring in Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies) in New York. I love to cook, read, explore, play bass, and, pre-Covid, sang in a band!

Tamasine Grimes

Associate Professor, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Sophia Tierney

Student, Trinity College Dublin

I am a 3rd-year psychology undergraduate studying at Trinity College Dublin. I have a particular interest in child development and psychiatric disorders, which I have been fortunate to learn a lot about through my studies. I have worked with children from a range of backgrounds in the past and plan to continue, both professionally and voluntarily, working with children in the future. I enjoy running and swimming, and I'm currently swimming every morning this month in aid of Movember!

Rosie Lavan

Assistant Professor, Trinity College Dublin

Maseng Moumakwa

Medical Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hi, I'm Maseng- A 3rd year Medical student in Trinity College Dublin, with a particular interest in Reproductive and Women's health. I have a previous undergraduate degree in Physiology, a masters degree in Biomedical Diagnostics and 4 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Outside of my academics, I enjoy spending quality time with my family, reading, listening to music and going for long drives.

My research project for the summer is an exploratory study into  differential treatment towards ethnic minority pregnant women and new mothers in Irish Maternity Hospitals. 

Lucas Maughan

Pharmacy Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hi! My name's Lucas Maughan. I'm a 3rd year pharmacy student and School Convenor at Trinity College Dublin. I have an interest in all aspects of pharmacy with particular interest in clinical, psychological and regulatory aspects. My research investigates household medication waste practices and associated consumer awareness, attitudes and behaviours in Ireland.

Laoise Murray

Laidlaw Scholar, Trinity College Dublin

I am a third-year law student from Ireland and I have a particular interest in socio-legal work. I like finding connections between the structure of our legal system and various social-demographic features of the population that it governs. Saying that however, I really am interested in all areas of law and I'm sure I will find other interesting research rabbit holes to wander down in the future!

Alessandro Lunghi

Assistant Professor, Trinity College Dublin

Sarah Joyce

Student, Trinity College Dublin

My name is Sarah (she/her) and I study Theoretical Physics at Trinity College Dublin. My research project is about lattice stretching and depletion of electrons - I will be simulating several metals on a software called VASP, changing different aspects of their quantum properties with the ultimate aim of making the metals more magnetic. I chose this research topic because I'd really like to learn more about how physics works on the nanoscale, and how we can tailor materials on this level to give them certain properties to suit particular purposes - for example, if the metals in my project can be made more magnetic then they could be used to create longer-lasting and stronger computer hard drives.

Aoife Donohoe

Chemistry Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hello! I'm Aoife and I'm a 3rd year Chemistry student at Trinity College Dublin with an interest in material chemistry and climate action.

My research project investigated the development of natural, sustainable materials to be used in CO2 capture.

Tom Hegarty

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Tom is a 3rd year Poltical Science & Geography Major in Trinity College Dublin. Currently he is spending a year abroad on Erasmus in Science Po, Reims, France.

His Research project is concerning the provision of homeless services in Dublin

He is the Secretary of the college Philosophical Society (The Phil), which is the worlds oldest University society. As part of this role he runs the weekly chamber debates/panel discussions.

He is also an alum of the Washington Ireland Program, where he spent 8 weeks this summer working remotely with individuals in the US, completing a work placement project and putting together a policy paper surrounding sustainable transport in Ireland

Sara Rahmani

Psychology Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hi there! I am a psychology student interested in psychotherapy, computational psychiatry, trauma and stress-related disorders, and the prevention of domestic and sexual violence. 

I am currently working with the Gillan Lab at Trinity College Dublin which has allowed me to explore my research interests further and led me to my research topic where I want to explore factors that may be of use for individualising treatment of psychiatric illnesses.

Jamie Palmer

Scholar, Trinity College Dublin

Hi I'm Jamie. I am a 21 year old Mechanical Engineering Student from Trinity College Dublin

My project "Thermoeconomic analysis of a Prototype Vapour Compression Distillation Device" aims to combat metal poisining in the developing world.

I'm happiest when building. I've built everything from engines to robots to water filters. I have a keen interest in 3D printing, robotics and vehicle dynamics. I also co-founded Vaporly and have an avid interest in entrepreneurship.

If you are working to solve a hard problem I'd love to here about it! Shoot me a message or email anytime. 

Freya Coogan

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hello all ! My name is Freya Coogan, I'm an undergraduate student in Trinity College Dublin studying Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures (with an emphasis on French and Arabic). I currently live in Beirut, Lebanon and my research focuses on the differing approaches to the reform of Personal Status Law taken by Feminist NGOs in Lebanon. I'm interested in the role of civil society in the push for the implementation of anti-corruption measures and transparency and am a proud member of the American University of Beirut's Secular Club. In my spare time I host radio shows on Trinity FM and Dublin City FM that are centred around social justice, current affairs and folklore !

Eimear Kearins

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Dia Dhaoibh ! My name is Eimear Kearins and I'm an undergraduate Economics and Politics student at Trinity College Dublin.

My research focuses on the effects economics and trade has on minority languages. As a lover and speaker of the Irish language, I'm delving deeper in the impact trade with Britain had on the language's decline particularly during the 19th century. 

I feel really privileged to be a part of the Laidlaw community, and I'm really looking forward to connecting with everyone on this Network!

Eamon O'Cathain

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hello! I'm an environmental science student at Trinity College Dublin. My primary area of interest is in Blue Carbon. My research project will analyse the organic carbon storage capacity of different vegetation types in an Irish salt marshes via a quantitative survey of a salt marsh in Balydoyle, Co. Dublin.  I will also compare the results of the commonly used Loss On Ignition protocol to the more high definition Elemental Analyser approach. 

Anne Holohan

Associate Professor, Trinity College Dublin

Georgia Dillon (she/her)

Law Student, Trinity College Dublin

I am a second year law student at Trinity College Dublin, conducting a research project on period poverty and how it impacts participation in education in Ireland.

I currently work as a Policy and Advocacy Advisor at The Pad Project, and am especially interested in in social justice, access to education, gender equality, sustainability and human rights.