What did we learn from 2020?

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What did we learn from 2020?

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What did we learn from 2020?

Last year is a year everyone longs to forget, yet, needs to be remembered.

The foresight and caution that lacks in the idealized 2021 are made up for with the memes of people celebrating the New Year while simultaneously thinking that once the clock strikes midnight, COVID-19 will disappear. However, what we learned (if anything) from 2020 is that ignoring our problems will only make things worse.

Thus, Episode 7 of A Future for Us will feature a very special guest named, Vanessa Gallant who is an American documentarian and producer. Gallant is currently creating a documentary about COVID-19 impacting the lives of American citizens and will be sharing the process and direction her research has taken.

Hindsight is definitely 2020 as many of us have seen so many industries, institutions, and individuals exposed for lack of empathy, consideration, and exploitative practices at the expense of the average citizen during this global pandemic.

So, this sit-down with Gallant will explore the methods for her research into how real people are impacted, the dangers of misinformation, where we’ve made progress when it comes to social change, what we could do better, and (most importantly) what we can learn from 2020 to make 2021 a year we never want to forget.

- Joelle Weir