Toronto Climate Strike 2021

A Future For Us Podcast will have meaningful conversations surrounding social topics, and different types of journalism using audio storytelling. We will be talking about intersectional environmental/social journalism and allow the lessons taken away from each episode to educate us.

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SKEPTICS, OPTIMISTS & RIOTERS, OH MY! Joelle Alexandria hosts A Future for Us and interviews the people of Toronto. Let's find out why they're protesting and striking to advocate for climate justice on September 24th, 2021. Five weeks from the UN climate conference, people aren't very trusting towards how the Canadian government will keep its promises, amongst other concerns . . .

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Joelle Weir

Student, University of Toronto

Hi! I'm currently a journalism and Environmental Chemistry student at the University of Toronto. I like to read, dance, and do yoga. I am also a MAJOR Foodie and cook all the time. My favorite classes this semester has been Intro to Journalism, Mandarin, and Stats! I also talk about social journalism and live-stream in my free time.