Research Report: Environmental Insecurities in Jamaica

This is my research report for my second summer of the Laidlaw Scholars program. (Interactive)
Research Report: Environmental Insecurities in Jamaica

Environmental Insecurity Landslides in Jamaica Part 1:

Environmental Insecurity Landslide in Jamaica Part 2: 

Jamaica is a vast landscape of scenic environments in the Caribbean. Although its location may be strategic for an escape to paradise for Piña Coladas and island living, its geographical location can also be its downfall. One environmental disaster, in particular, is landslides caused by Slope Instability in the Parishes of St. Thomas and St Andrew Jamaica. We will be speaking with Environmental Hazard Special and Professor Dr. Servel Miller in this two-part mini-series documenting the adverse effects of landslides. The goal is to find out how we can further prevent the negative impact of slope instability in Jamaica. Welcome to Part 1 and Part 2. (Available wherever you stream!)

I'm so pleased to have Dr. Servel Miller of the University of Chester as a partner of my research/internship this summer. As a special treat, towards the end of finalizing my literature review, Dr. Miller told me about the idea he had to make my literature review into a podcast episode to further interact with the community of people outside academic spaces who were unaware of the landslide problem in Jamaica. 

My full research summary will also be posted on my page.

Thank you to the Laidlaw Scholars Program for making my research possible and I can't wait to take the leadership I've learned through these two years with me throughout my academic and professional career. 


Joelle Weir