Research Outline: Mapping Colonial Subjects in the French Resistance

Research Outline: Mapping Colonial Subjects in the French Resistance

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This summer I will be working on the research project 'Mapping Colonial Subjects in the French Resistance' alongside Cothney Lasaracina and supervised by Professor Nina Wardleworth. This project aims to create an interactive map of Paris which will display profiles of and connections between North African resistance fighters, highlighting the role of colonial subjects in the French Resistance.

After consolidating my background knowledge, I began the initial phases of research during the first week of July in La Service Historique de La Défense, Vincennes. So far I have documented over 30 GR16P dossiers (files of individual resistance fighters) and, in the coming weeks, I will further this research by consulting the archive's digital GR19 dossiers. Once we have gathered enough information to build profiles on these individuals, we will begin to 'map' them.

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