Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable

Christina Adane
Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable
Christina Adane: "Don't be afraid to be vulnerable and have confidence in your own voice."

To mark the first Monday of Women's History Month and keep with the theme of Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories, this week's leadership quote comes from youth activist and campaigner Christina Adane.

Christina Adane is a campaigner passionate about food injustice and the climate crisis. Adane came to the public eye during the pandemic as the national youth board co-chair of the Bite Back 2030 campaign and an avid campaigner to extend the provision of free school meals to eligible children outside term time. In 2021, she received The Diana Legacy Award for her tireless efforts with Bite Back.

However, Adane recently highlighted that the mere extension of free school meals does not go far enough. In a recent FT feature, she pointed out that an additional 800,000 children in the UK live in poverty but remain ineligible for free school meals. Adane also mentions that while providing free school meals and ensuring that no child goes hungry is a crucial step forward, significant efforts must be made to ensure that healthy food is available to all.

The crucial work that Adane and Bite Back do to raise awareness about healthy food and ensure that no children in the UK go hungry is constantly expanding. To find out more about Bite Back's campaigns and how you can get involved, please click here.

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