Define What Is Right and Do It

Barbara Jordan
Define What Is Right and Do It
Barbara Jordan: “The imperative is to define what is right and do it.”
Image credit: Thomas J. O'Halloran, U.S. News & World Report Magazine, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Happy Pride Month 2022! This June, we are featuring inspirational quotes from extraordinary LGBTQ+ leaders. 🏳️‍🌈

Barbara Jordan (1936-1996) was an American civil rights leader, attorney, and politician. 

Jordan was the first African American elected to the Texas Senate in 1966, and the first woman and first African American elected to Congress from Texas in 1972.

She was known for her eloquent opening statement at the House Judiciary Committee hearings during the impeachment process against Richard Nixon, and in 1976, she became the first African-American, and the first woman, to ever deliver a keynote address at a Democratic National Convention. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Bill Clinton in 1994 for her work as a political trailblazer.

While Jordan never explicitly acknowledged her sexual orientation in public, she was open about her life partner of nearly 30 years, Nancy Earl.

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