Introduction to the Laidlaw Scholars Network

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Hello everyone - 

Welcome to the Laidlaw Scholars Network. This website will give you the opportunity to hear from scholars, advisors, and administrators from all of the Laidlaw Partner Universities. This network is also a social utility tool that allows you, as scholars and future alumni to meet ambitious peers, participate in leadership in-action initiatives and collaborate on research projects for a better present. 

Please utilize this space to chat with each other about your research summers, and also as a space where ideas and opportunities can be shared for the future! 

See you soon.


University of Toronto

The University of Toronto joined the Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Program in 2018 with the first group of scholars beginning their research in 2019. Funded by Lord Laidlaw and driven by his passion for student development, the scholarship at the University of Toronto aims to help students develop key skills as they aspire to be leaders in their field.