Poster: Integrated Imaging on Collections From UCL Special Collections

This is my research poster for my Laidlaw Research during June-August 2019. It focuses on the digitalization of historic documents by developing integrated imaging strategies.

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Medicine & Health Subject Lead, the University of Hong Kong

Hi, I am an undergraduate student at the University of Hong Kong. I have some research experiences in heritage imaging, genome engineering, nanoparticle drug carrier, and surgical augmented reality. And I am currently learning more about computational bio-molecule stimulation and screening model for further studies. I'd love to communicate, share, and build wholeheartedly about the past, present, and future stories.


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7 months ago

This is so cool Jieran! It would be so great to see some of these methods used in text recovery too- Chaucer's Book of the Lion is always one I have wanted to see found and restored (though it is probably long gone).