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Hello! Tufts University is holding a video competition called My Tufts Story. Here is my entry!

This video was made for Tufts University's My Tufts Story competition. It is also on YouTube: link here.

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A little more about me:

My name is Shubhecchha Dhaurali (pronounced Sue-betcha Dur-all-e) and I am from Medford, MA attending Tufts University as a first-generation student originally from Kathmandu, Nepal. I am on the premedical track majoring in Community Health, and I currently serve as a founding member, research assistant, co-chair of the marketing committee, and social media/website manager of the Maternal Outcomes for Translational Health Equity Research, also known as MOTHER Lab ( at the Tufts University’s School of Medicine. In the past, I served as a research assistant for the Diffuse Optical Imaging of Tissue Laboratory at Tufts School of Engineering. Last academic year, I was chosen as an International Laidlaw Research and Leadership Scholar where I have been able to work on reproductive and maternal health projects, conduct research, and develop manuscripts for publication. One of the projects I was a part of was selected for the National American Public Health Association’s 2021 Annual Conference, and I hope that I may one day I can present other research in front of an international audience! Career and academic aspirations of mine include pursuing an MD/PhD degree in Clinical and Translational Health to become a Physician Scientist involved with public and community health research and medicine. It is important to me that trained professionals such as doctors not only treat individual patients’ problems, but that they implement interventions and prevention programs that fight the root causes of disease such as poverty, inadequate housing, and systemic racism.

Captions in Video:

My name is Shubhecchha Dhaurali, and My tufts story began in a high school chemistry classroom. I’ve always been a lover of science- but my biggest love for science came calling my sophomore year of high school when my chemistry teacher recommended me to take part in research at the Tufts university School of Engineering. For the next three years, I worked as a junior member of Professor Sergio Fantini’s Diffuse Optical Imaging of Tissue Lab. At the DOIT Lab, I collaborated alongside grad students and utilized medical and optical technology to investigate hemodynamic responses and cardiovascular disease— I even got selected to present my work at the National Science Fair in DC! Then the MOTHER of all life circumstances, the novel corona virus, changed the course of human history and my life. COVID prompted me to re-evaluate my career ambitions, goals, and future. With some time to think, and luck, I received an alert in my inbox from School of Medicine’s Dr. Ndidiamaka Amutah-Onukagha. This email introduced me to the field of Community Health and Preventative Medicine. She emailed me with an idea to start a member-led lab- where undergrads, grads, medical students, and field professionals work together to research and advocate maternal health disparities— which were only worsening due to COVID-19’s systemic healthcare impact. She called it: THE MOTHER LAB. Since then, I have been a research assistant, founding member, and co-chair of the Maternal Outcomes for Translational Health Equity (MOTHER) Lab, the largest Maternal and Black Maternal Health lab in the country. My role has prompted me to develop a variety of skills within and outside of research; making and maintaining websites, creating advocacy infographics, planning social media campaigns on platforms garnering over 200,000 views, hosting events with celebrity guest speakers, being featured on well-known podcasts, leading research presentations, being granted data from the CDC, and even being accepted into the International Laidlaw Foundation’s Tufts University community of scholars. I envision myself as a Physician Scientist investigating and being a key figure in creating solutions for Clinical and Translational Health disparities. Beyond the scope of preventative medicine, I hope to continue my work in advocacy surrounding social determinants of health like systemic racism and housing. My Tufts story is just only beginning!