Laidlaw Foundation Visit to Trinity (2023)

On 12th April, Susanna Kempe from the Laidlaw Foundation visited Trinity College Dublin and met with our Laidlaw Scholars as well as the students from the Trinity Access - Women in Business scheme. The video and photos below capture a sense of a fantastic day on campus!

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The Laidlaw Foundation's visit to Trinity was a great opportunity to bring together the many staff and students who contribute to our Laidlaw community. 

Our opening presentations and lunch session included an overview of Laidlaw at Trinity from programme coordinator Joel McKeever, followed by several personal experiences of leadership-in-action projects from students planning their excursions as well as those who had recently completed them. Our students are working to add real and meaningful value to efforts across the world, including Ireland, Uganda, Fiji, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, the US, the UK, and more. 

We also had the wonderful opportunity to introduce our then very recently selected 2023 Scholars who got a first-hand look at the breadth and variety of activity across the Network. The afternoon included a session with the Provost & President of Trinity, Prof. Linda Doyle alongside our newest Laidlaw Programme, the Trinity Access - Women in Business students. Lastly, we were joined by Niall Santamaria from Laidlaw Scholars Ventures with students across the cohorts packed in to hear about the exciting opportunities available for Scholar entrepreneurs. 

We were delighted to be able to organise such a vibrant day for the Laidlaw community at Trinity and we're looking forward now to doing this on an even bigger scale when we host the Scholars conference in October!

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Go to the profile of Jimena Alvarez
about 1 year ago

Truly an amazing opportunity!!

Go to the profile of Susanna Kempe
about 1 year ago

A wonderful reminder of a fabulous day! It was such a privilege to meet TCD's Laidlaw Scholars and Trailblazing Women Leaders - huge thanks and v. looking forward to seeing what you all do next.

Go to the profile of Amanda Flanagan
about 1 year ago

Fantastic day! 
Wr are an amazing group of women! 
well done everybody 🙏🏽

Go to the profile of Rachel Clinton
about 1 year ago

A surreal day, an amazing day, an honor, and a privilege to sit and listen to the experiences of fellow Laidlaw Scholars and then chat with two very inspirational women! What a Day!