Laidlaw Foundation Visit and Poster Session of the HKU Laidlaw Scholar Programme, October 4, 2023


A Poster Session of the HKU Laidlaw Scholars Programme was held on October 4, 2023 to facilitate experience sharing and networking among some 50 HKU Laidlaw Scholars as well as research supervisors, and to celebrate the achievements of the Scholars in their pursuit of research excellence and leadership development under the HKU Laidlaw Scholars Programme.

The event was graced by Ms Susanna Kempe, the Chief Executive of the Laidlaw Foundation, who visited the University on October 3-4, 2023 to meet with HKU Laidlaw Scholars and research supervisors,

HKU Laidlaw Scholars are grateful for the unfailing support from the Foundation, which enables them to engage in rigorous research, gain hands-in research experience and mentorship from esteemed researchers, and connect with like-minded scholars within the Laidlaw Scholars Universities network. 

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Go to the profile of Audrey Chung
2 months ago

A big thanks to those who have participated in the event - for your passion and enthusiasm in your research and leadership-in-action projects! 

Go to the profile of Princess Agina
2 months ago

Truly inspiring to see the dedication and hard work of the HKU Scholars come to fruition. Kudos to all involved! 👏