Jacqueline Yu - Week 6 Journal

Explaining my work examining Chinese art repatriation during my first Laidlaw summer.

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In this video, I explain my project comparing the seminal Sarr-Savoy report with the struggle for Chinese art repatriation. I provide the background and importance of the Sarr-Savoy report on Sub-Saharan African art in French collections and how it influences the conversation surrounding Chinese art repatriation. Through my work, I aim to create more inclusive, ethical, and socially progressive museums that actively try to decolonize their histories and dismantle systems of white supremacy and Eurocentric narratives in academia. 

Jacqueline Yu (she/her)

Student, Columbia University in the City of New York

Hi! My name is Jacqueline Yu, and I am a freshman at Columbia University. I am originally from Richmond, Virginia, and I am a first-generation Chinese immigrant. I am an avid appreciator of the arts, and I aspire to be a museum curator. My other interests include crafts, languages (especially French, Chinese, and Italian), and dance! One of my major goals is to increase the inclusivity and outreach of museums by critically evaluating the unique ethical issues that these cultural institutions face.