Introducing Naveen - Our New Laidlaw Foundation Trustee

Thrilled to introduce our new Trustee, Naveen Kler, an exceptional Laidlaw Scholar alumna from London Business School. Discover her inspiring journey, her take on the constant battle with imposter syndrome, and her advice for scholars.

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Today, it is with both personal delight and admiration that I share with you the appointment of Naveen Kler as a new trustee at the Laidlaw Foundation. 

As a fellow Laidlaw Scholar, I have traversed a path not unlike Naveen’s, being awarded the Laidlaw Scholarship enabled us both to matriculate to the university of our dreams, expand our realm of possibility, and work with intention every day to pay it forward. Now, this shared beginning creates a bond that extends beyond our academic accolades; it is rooted in a profound commitment to learning and leading with purpose—a commitment that Naveen embodies so strikingly.

Naveen’s journey is a narrative of exceptional achievement and purpose-driven leadership. Her academic pursuits led her from the London School of Economics to acquiring her LPC at BPP Law School and culminating in an MBA from London Business School as a Laidlaw Scholar. During her time there, she not only soared academically but also emerged as a leader who champions diversity and empowers women, leaving a legacy of inspired peers and groundbreaking initiatives.

Beyond the classroom, Naveen’s career has been equally impressive, from practising M&A law across continents to strategizing at the helm of McKinsey & Co's London office. Further, her previous work with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation is a testament to her passion for wielding knowledge and expertise as tools for tangible, positive change in the world.

In my own journey from Oxford to the Laidlaw Foundation, I have seen firsthand how the experiences we gain as Laidlaw Scholars shape us into individuals capable of leading with insight, empathy, and resolve. Naveen brings these very qualities to our board, ready to help guide our strategic direction with the same foresight and dynamism she has shown throughout her career.

Please join me in welcoming Naveen. As she steps into her role as trustee, I invite you all to engage with her, to share your insights and visions for our future. Together our community will continue to thrive, fostering connections, opportunities, and leadership that transcends boundaries.

Welcome aboard, Naveen. We are excited to embark on this next chapter of our journey with you.

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Go to the profile of Susanna Kempe
6 months ago

Thanks Princess and Naveen for this wonderful interview. I could listen to the two of you talk all day. 

I love the great stories and advice. So many highlights but I think perhaps my favourite part is learning the names of the LBS and Oxford SBS group chats: 

"Laidlaw enabled CEOs" and "Laidlaw Scholars - Girl Power"!

Wondering if we shouldn't simplify our whole application process by just asking those two questions:
1. How are you going to use the opportunity we have given you to get to the top?
2. How are you going to make sure you bring other women along with you?

@Naveen Kler - I am so looking forward to you bringing your wisdom, experience and tangible insights to the Board; in particular, to help our Scholars feel more involved and empowered.