Yuka Atsuchi

BSc Natural Sciences (Biosciences, Geography and Earth Sciences) , Durham University

About Yuka Atsuchi

Hello! I am Yuka Atsuchi. I am from Japan and studying Natural Sciences (Biosciences, Geography and Earth Sciences) at Durham University.

My strong passion is to create a more sustainable environment for both humans and wildlife. I am specialising in environmental issues and climate change through interdisciplinary approaches in Natural Sciences with strong research and field skills from work experience. 

My main focus in research and future aspiration is "empirical and effective implementation of rewilding conservation projects to various landscapes". For my first-year summer project, I am going to evaluate and create a plan for Durham University Wildland to initiate reintroduction projects. Then I would like to spread the knowledge and conservation practices to other countries such as Japan.

About myself...

I was bone in Japan and I lived in Yokohama until High School in Japan. After winning a scholarship from the Japanese Foundation, I started studying in the UK in sixth-form. 

I am a big fun of wildlife and adventure to wider nature! I enjoy trail running, bird watching, gardening & Allotment, hiking and horse riding. 

I would like to expand my network and share thoughts with you! LinkedIn Yuka Atsuchi

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Biological Sciences Climate Change Natural Sciences

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Hiking/walking Nature & environment Running/jogging Volunteering

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