Daniel Caves-San José (He/Him)

Durham University - Studying International Relations, History and Theology. Student Librarian and Decolonisation Intern, Durham University

About Daniel Caves-San José

Hi, I'm Daniel Caves-San José! I'm originally from Spain but I've lived in the UK most of my life, now studying Combined Honours in Social Sciences (International Relations, History, and Theology) at Durham University.

My passion is interlinking different disciplines together around explorations of the Middle East and North Africa, such as securitisation, virtual diplomacy, and the anthropology of Islam, which I hope to continue to develop further as I learn Arabic.

My research project (and poster) were on water security in southeast Iraq, and the role of diplomatic relations with Iran, as well as the domestic political contexts of the two countries in causing environmental degradation, followed by an exploration of the socio-economic impacts this has on the traditionally isolated Marsh Arab population in the region.

I'd really appreciate connecting on LinkedIn and sharing our experiences and ideas with one-another.

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Undergraduate Leadership & Research Scholar


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Anthropology Arabic and Islamic Studies Climate Change Development Studies Economics Gender Studies History Immigration International Relations Middle Eastern Studies Politics Regional & Area Studies Religion Society & Culture

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Social Sciences

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Spain United Kingdom

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English French Spanish

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Badminton Foreign languages Hiking/walking Houseplants/gardening Music Pets Podcasts Politics & current events Reading

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