Thomas Mason

Engineering Student, University of York
Patrick paul martin

Student, Uni of york

Jerome Pek

Student, University of York

I am a Film and Television Production undergraduate from the University of York. Prior to undergraduate studies, I took a gap year as an intern for a TV production house for national broadcast in Singapore. I aspire to use my post-production skills to tell stories that make a positive impact.
Chan Ka Man, Carmen

Student, The University of Hong Kong

Hello! I study Speech and Language Pathology at the University of Hong Kong.  My research is on inter-professional education for pre-service professionals who will serve children with special education needs. I am passionate about helping people with communication and swallowing disorders, education, social advocacy, and graphic design. Feel free to reach out to me for a chat
Melissa Rose

Development Partner - Laidlaw Scholars, University of York

I am a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and the lead for the Laidlaw Scholars Leadership and Research Programme at The University of York.  Prior to joining the University of York, my career was in policing focusing on selection and assessment, leadership development, organisation change and culture, and diversity, equality and inclusion.  I completed my BSc Psychology course at The University of Manchester and went straight on to complete my MSc Occupational Psychology course at Northumbria University. I then completed the Qualification in Occupational Psychology (QOccPsych) with the British Psychological Society (BPS) to become a chartered Occupational Psychologist. 
Catherine Prudence Christabel

Student, University of York

Irene Monreal Campos

Student, University of York

Hi! I'm Irene.  I'm studying chemistry at the Uni of York. I'm really interested in environmental chemistry and atmospheric sciences (and anything that involves the sea!) .  In my free time I do triathlon and Waterpolo.
Pritika Ganguly

Student, University of York

Hello! I am Pritika and am a second-year Medical Engineering student at the University of York. my research proposal is on how to develop a prosthetic that can grow with a child, so the child will not need to replace the prosthetic often. Furthermore, looking into the use of AI so the prosthetic can learn and develop alongside the side.
Anna Lysenko

Fourth-Year International Relations Specialist Student, University of Toronto

Hi everyone! I'm Anna Lysenko. I'm a fourth-year undergraduate student in the International Relations Specialist program at the University of Toronto. I'm passionate about cyberpolitics and cybersecurity: my Laidlaw research project is about the effect of cyber-attacks on democracy.  My hobbies include reading, writing, travelling, drawing, horse riding, meeting up with friends, and watching movies. I'm excited to connect with new people who share my passions and interests :) 
Thomas Williams

Third Year Medical Student, Hull York Medical School

Hi, I'm Thomas (or Tom)  I'm a Third-Year medical student studying at Hull York Medical School (HYMS). So far, the course has been great and I have really enjoyed meeting lots of new people. My research project focuses around an area of biology I have found super interesting since joining medical school - the blood and the immune system! As well as my studies, I am a Choral Singer for Hull Minster where I sing a whole range of music, as well as performing with other various music groups in the Yorkshire Area. I am also the Regional Student Volunteering Officer for the North East.  In terms of the future, my plans aren't completely set in stone yet - I'm open to many new experiences before I make that decision. If you have any questions for me, I would love for you to get in contact :) 
William Nyss

Student, University of York

Hiya! 👋  My name is Will and I am a student at the University of York studying Politics and International Relations. My Laidlaw research project looks at the extent governments are punished for the handling of the Covid pandemic and how governments utilise blame avoidance strategies.   I enjoy mountaineering around the UK and getting involved in youth politics such as with the British Youth Council and similar institutions. My passions would fall into having a love of reading and learning new things focusing on topics of self-development and psychology. 
Sarah Farrell

Development Partner , University of York

Emma Merryweather

Consultant Scientist, EY

Graduate Natural Scientist, specialised in Nanoscience. My Laidlaw research project explored thermoelectric materials to biomedical devices with a patient's very own body heat. Now employed as a Consultant Scientist for the EY R&D tax team.
Emily Shepherdson (she/they)

Student , University of York

Hi! I'm originally from Hull, East Yorkshire but I'm currently a second year undergraduate student studying for a BA in Linguistics and ab initio Italian at the University of York. Alongside my studies, I am also the current blog coordinator for the University Feminist Society. Being a Laidlaw Scholar allows me to research the success of speech and language therapies in my project entitled 'Hidden behind a smile: acquisition and societal perception of speech sounds in children with cleft lip and palate.'!  My pronouns are she/they, please feel free to use either! 
Cherry Sylge

Chemistry Student, University of York

Hello! I am a third year student studying chemistry at the University of York.  For my research project, I'm interested in ring expansion cascade reactions and how we can effectively synthesise their starting materials.  I'm looking forward to becoming an effective leader who can make a positive impact in whatever industry I end up in, and inspire more women to pursue careers in STEM subjects.   I also love yoga, reading and art history.
Zara Sharif

Student, University of York

Hello! My name is Zara Sharif and I am a 2021 Laidlaw Scholar from the University of York, where I study Education! My research topic looks at body hair and racialized bullying of teenage girls in UK secondary schools, and how this interacts with the relationship between misogyny and racism. I chose this research topic because I think we are seeing a cultural shift (in some ways) towards a greater acceptance of body hair, but I've found this shift often leaves out women of colour, and ignores how race and gender can intersect to form teenage girls experiences and their relationships with their body, their sense of self and how they perceive themselves. I also want to see how greater society perceive body hair on women of colour in particular and how social media can influence/shape/change these opinions.
Gracie Daw

Student, N/A

I am a first year History and Politics student. My research project is titled 'How has devolution affected the UK's coronavirus response?'  I will be trying to understand which factors change the public's perception of their government. I will do this by comparing the devolved administrations in the UK around a specific policy, which was broadly similar despite being devolved, and then understanding which factors affected a change in perception. 
Mary Friend

Natural Sciences Student, University of York

Natural Sciences MSci student at University of York specialising in neuroscience. I am fascinated by the brain and the connections within it, and enjoy combining my knowledge of chemistry, biology, psychology and philosophy to generate new ideas.
Aya Hammad

Medical student, University of York

I'm a medical student at the University of York interested in immunology, public health, as well as education and leadership within health care! My research project is about understanding how mutations in immune cells impact a certain group of rare bone marrow disorders (MPNs) that can lead to cancer.
Lydia Rose Haines

Biology undergraduate, University of York

Hi, my name is Lydia Haines and I am a second year undergraduate student, studying biology, at the University of York. For my research project I looked at mutations in inflammasome components that are associated with Multiple Sclerosis. For my leadership in action project, I spent 6 weeks on a health promotion project in Jubairata village, Fiji with Think Pacific.
Joshua Chapman

Student, University of York

I am a Politics and International Relations student at the University of York. My research project is titled: 'How do social demographic changes influence the spread of populism'. I will look at the Brexit referendum and Trump's election in 2016. These will be my focal points from which I hope to find broader trends about the causes for the growth of populism in modern democracies. Please ask me about anything politics or international relations related, in particular, political behaviour and psychology; i.e. if something happens, what happens next and why?