Theo O'Connell (He/Him)

Student, University of Toronto

About Theo O'Connell

Hello! I'm Theo, an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto. Through my curricular research in the Munk One Program, I've developed a passion for promoting equity and accountability in education—particularly in large-scale educational assessment. As part of the 2024 Laidlaw Scholars cohort, I'm excited to investigate an apparent achievement gap among students in English- and French-language schools in Ontario on province-wide EQAO tests. With this study, I hope to better understand how this disparity may have endured or changed over time, to what extent, and as a result of what factors.

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Alum: Undergraduate Leadership & Research Programme


University of Toronto

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Social Sciences

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English French

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Foreign languages Music

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Social Sciences Research

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University of Toronto

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