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Electrical & Electronic Engineering Student, Trinity College Dublin
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About Peter O'Flynn

Hi I'm Peter, I'm a third year engineering student with a passion for electricity and lighting things on fire (with electricity).

My research project focuses on using microwaves (The same EM waves that heat your food, yes!) for breast cancer detection.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women worldwide, and early detection and diagnosis is highlighted by the World Health Organization as a key priority. Currently the only way to detect and diagnose breast cancer is with X-Ray mammography, which is incredibly costly and isn't suitable for younger women due to high radiation exposure.

In contrast, microwave-based breast imaging systems can be operated in local clinics and doctors’ surgeries worldwide, improving access to potentially life-saving breast cancer screening for women of all ages world-wide.

I hope to contribute to this area of research by modelling different microwave antenna arrays to find optimum configurations that can provide clinical grade images for doctors to quickly diagnose breast cancer.

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