Martha McKinney-Perry (She/Her)

Student, Trinity College Dublin
Maja Anderson

Manager of Undergraduate Programs & International Experiences, Coordinator of the Laidlaw Program, Cornell University , Cornell University

Amanda Flanagan

Student , Trinity College

Sanjana Iyer

Student, The London School of Economics and Political Science

Olamide Obadina

Global Business student , Trinity College Dublin

Hi! I am a 3rd year undergraduate scholar at Trinity College Dublin studying Global Business, and I am currently on my study abroad in ESCP Paris. My research project centres on the importance of female leaders from ethnic minorities in the business C-suite & the necessity for better racial and gender diversity on executive boards worldwide.  I’m really looking forward to meeting new people and experiencing new things on this journey!
Karl Nicholson

Student , Trinity College Dublin

Hi! I am a final year Physics & Astrophysics student in Trinity College Dublin. My research was on radio-astronomy of the Sun with particular interest in predicting potentially disruptive solar weather and my LIA was Science Outreach with the World Science Festival in New York. Apart from physics I'm interested in running, rugby, card games and snowsports. I enjoy being outside, exercising, film/TV and getting involved in the Student's Union. I am particularly interested in connecting with students from around the globe and broadening my horizons! Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in astrophysics, science outreach or have any questions about my time during Laidlaw and my other experiences!
Ella Burkett

Student, Trinity College Dublin

PPES student specialising in politics and economics. My research concerned the relationship between the Turkish government's usage of policy, specifically the Istanbul Convention, and its impact on rates of femicide in Turkey. I have recently completed my LiA at the Timothy Smith Network as an Administrative Support and Curriculum Intern. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to chat about any of my experiences!
Beatrice Pistola

Student, Trinity College Dublin

I am a fourth year student in Middle Eastern, Jewish and Islamic Civilizations in Trinity College Dublin. My research focuses on the impact of Covid-19 on the arrival to Europe of Syrian and Palestinian refugees from Lebanon. In the second summer of the scholarship I worked with the Egypt Foundation for Refugee Rights. I am interested in migration, diversity and inclusivity. 
Trinity College Dublin joined the Laidlaw Network in 2018. The Laidlaw Programme offers undergraduate students at Trinity the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and experience to become active global citizens and future leaders. Laidlaw Scholars work with an academic supervisor on a self-directed, independent research project and take part in a suite of integrated leadership development activities which culminate in a challenging applied leadership experience. Laidlaw Scholars join a community of learning, driven by curiosity and collaboration, which enables diverse voices to make a meaningful impact. The Laidlaw Programme at Trinity is open to undergraduates in the second year of a four year programme or the second/third year of a five year undergraduate/integrated masters programme.
Joel McKeever

(Former) Laidlaw Programme Coordinator, Trinity College Dublin

Joel was the Laidlaw Programme Coordinator for Trinity (2018 - 2024). In this role he managed leadership development activities, student coaching, programme design, and the day-to-day support of the Laidlaw Scholars. He is currently the Equality Officer (Acting) for Trinity.  Prior to joining the Careers Service, he worked in Trinity's Academic Registry as a Team Manager (Communications and Human Resources) with a focus on developing modern and inclusive support services for students and staff. He has previously worked with Trinity's Office of Global Relations to develop the Global Room and Campus Visit initiatives for international students. He is a founder and current Co-Chair of Trinity's LGBT+ Staff Network and is committed to Trinity's mission of fostering excellence by empowering accessibility and diversity in higher education. A graduate of Trinity, he holds a B.A. (Mod.) in English Studies, a Special Certificate in Academic Practice, and a nominal Master in Arts (Dubl.) from the university as well as a CIPD Diploma in Learning and Development (CIPD). 
Oliwia Borek

Student, Trinity College Dublin

A fourth-year student of Political Science and Economics at Trinity College Dublin, interested in European affairs, public policy and democratic promotion.  During my first summer with the Laidlaw programme, I completed a research project titled 'The Role of Saliency in Expatriate Voter Mobilisation'. My research  investigated the voting behaviours of expatriate voters in Poland, France and the Czech Republic. During my second summer, I completed a leadership placement with the Jerzy Regulski Foundation in Support of Local Democracy in Warsaw, where I worked in organising the first National Congress of Local Cooperation for civic society organisations and local government representatives. 
Sarah Waicus

Medical Student, Trinity College Dublin

Medical student studying at Trinity College Dublin
Mairéad Butler

Student, Trinity College Dublin

I'm a final year European Studies student, majoring in Spanish and minoring in German, in Trinity College Dublin. My research concerns the memory, experience, and discourse of gendered violence in the Irish and Spanish civil wars. For my LiA, I worked with Women Rights Initiative (WORI), a grassroots, Ugandan women-led women's rights organisation in Jinja, Uganda, focusing on resource mobilisation.
Ananya Sanagavaram

Medical Student , Trinity College Dublin

I am a 4th year medical student passionate about human centred clinical research. For my research I will be exploring the attitudes of potential therapy recipients towards novel therapeutics in Parkinson's Disease to improve cognition.  I have lived in 5 different countries across Asia and Europe so far - your quintessential third culture kid:)) I enjoy listening to Indian classical music, playing football and hiking. 
Frank Wolfe

Student, Trinity College Dublin

I am an undergraduate Laidlaw scholar from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. I have lived most of my life in Dublin (apart from three years in Berlin - but no, I can't speak German). My main research area is political philosophy; my research interests in particular are in how human rights can be used as an approach to morality, and how we should consider and address 'structural injustices' in society. I also have interests in democratic theory, and heterodox approaches to economics. Outside academia, I am often involved in social/political activism. I'm a keen ultimate frisbee player, and I enjoy chess, table tennis, and hiking. I'm also (slowly) learning French and Polish.