Madelaine Grove

Student, University of York

About Madelaine Grove

I'm in my fourth year of studying biology at the University of York, after taking a paleobiology tutorial on a whim last year I have found myself completely indulged in this area of biology, and it has formed the basis of my research project. After spending my gap-year volunteering with endangered species around the world, I take particular interest in issues surrounding biodiversity loss and species protection. 

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Undergraduate Leadership & Research Scholar


University of York

Laidlaw Cohort Year


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Biological Sciences Climate Change

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United Kingdom

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Gaming Martial Arts Nature & environment Pets Travelling Volunteering Yoga

I am open to participating in mentoring/buddy programmes


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My Research Proposal

My research proposal to investigate the effects of climate change on coral reef diversity of the past, and how it will effect today's coral reefs.

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