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Hi! I’m Lily and currently study advanced psychology at the university of Leeds. Theorising why something has happened is something I consider myself good at (also known as overthinking).

One of the perks of psychology is that you are forced to socialise with people, which a few years ago would have been my my introverted selfs nightmare. However, interacting with individuals from such diverse backgrounds has developed such a passion to help people and has lead to massive growths in my confidence.  Now specifically having interests in forming interventions and strategies to improve the quality of life and mental stability of vulnerable individuals from groups such as survivors of domestic abuse, service users and addicts.

My research project is called “thinking inside the box” centred around reverting back to our primary archival sources to provide a different perspective on the political resistance in Latin American rather than relying on information that has been extensively modified. Specifically introducing archive-based teaching methods and evidencing that they can act as critical and liberators pedagogies. Ultimately wanting to challenge the curriculum by using authentic methods of assessment and promote autonomous skill acquisition that provides practical application to their futures.

In my spare time I am a gym rat (unfortunately) and I like trying out new sports such as snowboarding which I am currently horrific at but it’s still very fun! 

i would love to discuss psychological research or potential career paths with new people, so do drop a message :)

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Cooking/Baking Gym Snowboarding Travelling

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Recent Comments

Oct 03, 2023
Replying to Vaibhav Pramode Nair

Fantastic job, Lily ! :)

Thank you, I am looking forward to reading your essay :) !!

Aug 13, 2023

So happy you have gotten this opportunity!! Can’t wait to hear more about your travels :)

Jul 12, 2023

Love the photo at the end!! And so glad to have gotten to know you better over the residential had lots of fun !! :)

Jun 29, 2023

The ‘adventure biscuits’ were what boosted us to the top! Had so much fun with you and look forward to more experiences :)

Jun 26, 2023

You are so encouraging to those around you, and so selfless! you pushed yourself to climb that mountain not just for yourself but to make it up there as a 'Team',  your willpower to keep going inspired us all to push on.

So grateful to have experienced the trip with you :)

Jun 22, 2023

Very soggy! But completely agree with the perspective shift and the increased awareness for other individuals and what they are experiencing and our contributions to that experience. So happy to have made it to the top with everyone !! :)

Jun 16, 2023
Replying to Amarni Newman

This is super interesting! I am intrigued to see how your project compares to Hazel and Grace's, since you mentioned that using the archives allows for more freedom in the research conducted.  

Thank you! I believe we are focusing on different aspects of the project so definitely check out Grace and Hazels posts!!

Jun 16, 2023
Replying to Aimar Rosario Ávila

Hello from New York! I can relate to facing interview complications, excited to see how you utilize the colonial archives from Portugal, France, and Spain with the support of a great advisor. 

Hi! I am glad I’m not the only one who has found interviewing surprisingly challenging (I don’t wish interview difficulties upon anyone!). I look forward to seeing what your research project is about :)