Laetisha Azzahra Witoyo (She/Her)

Student, UCL
Yi Xi Kang

Geography Student, UCL

Hi! I'm Yi Xi and I love trying new experiences! I am a firm believer that everyone has stories worth telling so I strive to keep my mind open and live in the present :)
Catherine Amburgey

Research Assistant, Purpose and Identity Process Lab

Hello! I am a Human Development major interested in translational research, specifically pertaining to educational settings and mentorship programs. As a Filipino-American, I am  passionate about focusing my research on my cultural identity and targeting gaps of knowledge within psychology in POC communities. My project involves the development of purpose workshops for educators and youth programs within Manila, Philippines. Would love to chat! 
Zachariah John

Student, Georgetown University

Grace Feng

HPE Student, UCL

Ananya Sanagavaram

Medical Student , Trinity College Dublin

I am a 4th year medical student passionate about human centred clinical research. For my research I will be exploring the attitudes of potential therapy recipients towards novel therapeutics in Parkinson's Disease to improve cognition.  I have lived in 5 different countries across Asia and Europe so far - your quintessential third culture kid:)) I enjoy listening to Indian classical music, playing football and hiking. 
Joshua Chapman

Student, University of York

I am a Politics and International Relations student at the University of York. My research project is titled: 'How do social demographic changes influence the spread of populism'. I will look at the Brexit referendum and Trump's election in 2016. These will be my focal points from which I hope to find broader trends about the causes for the growth of populism in modern democracies. Please ask me about anything politics or international relations related, in particular, political behaviour and psychology; i.e. if something happens, what happens next and why?
Princess J Emeanuwa

Student, University College London

Anatolii Zagorodnii

1st year undergraduate Natural Sciences student, UCL

Jani Santarius

Student, University College London

Rachel Wan

Student, UCL

Hello everyone! My name is Rachel and I am currently a third-year Biomedical Engineering Student at UCL.  My research experience with Laidlaw was centred around an imaging technique called photoacoustic imaging, which is a novel technique using laser-induced sound waves to provide highly-detailed images of the structure of our bodies. I am very passionate about medtech, environmental sustainability design and technology-- let's chat!
Nola Mak

Student, UCL