Kidest Shemeles

Scholar, Cornell University
Maja Anderson

Manager of Undergraduate Programs & International Experiences, Coordinator of the Laidlaw Program, Cornell University , Cornell University

At Cornell University, students across disciplines are passionate about changing the world. Open to first- and second-year students, the Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Program provides generous support for student research, offers hands-on leadership development and reflection, and encourages students to reinvest their knowledge to help others succeed. Laidlaw Scholars are part of an international network of like-minded leaders.
Rucha Benare (she/her)

Biomedical engineering research student, Trinity College Dublin

I am interested in fields of mechanobiology, biohybrid prosthetics, biophysics, psychology, and philosophy.

Recently in association with Laidlaw;

In Cornell University (N.Y, U.S.A.) I worked on curating an art book on biomechanics for charity to raise awareness in this field of science.

And in Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), we worked on developing a microphysiological model of the osteocytic network in the bone that can be used to better understand the (patho)physiology of bone using Direct Laser Writing technology using MLO-Y4 cell culture. 

On the side;

In ETH Zürich (Switzerland), I was working on understanding bio-hybrid muscle actuators using C2C12 cell culture literature review.

At DogPatch Labs's Patch (Dublin, Ireland) I was experimenting with creating a start-up company to help amputees get affordable prosthetics. 

On the (other) side;

I like to dance, write, and read anything I get my hands on; be it music, poetry, or even shampoo bottles.

Please feel free to contact me here or on LinkedIn for any discussions regarding the aforementioned topics!