Jasmine Marsland

Student , LSE

About Jasmine Marsland

I am an undergraduate studying Economics and Politics, with a keen interest about how we interact and improve society. 

I am a/an:

Undergraduate Leadership & Research Scholar


London School of Economics and Political Science

Laidlaw Cohort Year


Research Topic

Multiculturalism Politics South East Asian Studies

Area of Expertise

Humanities Politics Social Sciences

I am from:

Thailand United Kingdom

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My hobbies/interests are:

Foreign languages Podcasts Politics & current events Running/jogging Travelling

I am open to participating in mentoring/buddy programmes


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London School of Economics and Political Science

Recent Comments

Feb 07, 2024
Replying to Princess Agina

Jasmine, your exploration of Catalonia's struggle and identity is truly compelling. It's fascinating how history, language, and sports intersect to define a region's character. Great job capturing this complex narrative with such clarity!

Thank you! We were very lucky to be able to explore this topic with the Laidlaw Foundation!