Freya Coogan

Student, Trinity College Dublin

About Freya Coogan

Hello all ! My name is Freya Coogan, I'm an undergraduate student in Trinity College Dublin studying Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures (with an emphasis on French and Arabic). I currently live in Beirut, Lebanon and my research focuses on the differing approaches to the reform of Personal Status Law taken by Feminist NGOs in Lebanon. I'm interested in the role of civil society in the push for the implementation of anti-corruption measures and transparency and am a proud member of the American University of Beirut's Secular Club. In my spare time I host radio shows on Trinity FM and Dublin City FM that are centred around social justice, current affairs and folklore !

I am a/an:

Undergraduate Leadership & Research Scholar


Trinity College Dublin

Laidlaw Cohort Year


Research Topic

Gender Studies Middle Eastern Studies Politics Society & Culture Sociology

Area of Expertise

Humanities Politics Social Sciences

I am from:


I speak:

Arabic English French Irish

My hobbies/interests are:

Art Design Foreign languages Nature & environment Podcasts Politics & current events Theatre Writing/blogging

I am open to participating in mentoring/buddy programmes


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