Frank Wolfe

Student, Trinity College Dublin
Amanda Flanagan

Student , Trinity College

Aminata Sarah Roth

Project Manager, Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy in Ireland

I was part of Trinity College's 2020 cohort of the Laidlaw Undergraduate Research & Leadership scholarship. My research dealt with European lobbying regulations. I hold a BA in Political Science in 2022 and an MSc in Public Policy from the University of Edinburgh. My current academic interests include foreign affairs and eco-social policies. 
Deon Chan

Senior Programme Manager, HKU

Amirah Deji-Abiola

Former Scholar, The London School of Economics and Political Sciences

Hello everyone, I am a (graduated) Laidlaw scholar from the 2021/2022 cohort. I am very interested in African studies, linguistics and all forms of art and media. I am currently in my penultimate year at LSE, whilst undertaking a year abroad at Sciences Po in Reims to improve my French language skills. In my free time, I work as a freelance photographer whilst writing and editing for magazines.
Ben Oldham

Head of Global Opportunities, University of Leeds

It’s my role to oversee the portfolio of global opportunities and experiences available to students at the University of Leeds. These opportunities include our undergraduate leadership programmes that empower students to become active global citizens and future leaders. One of the most interesting parts of my roles is the chance to work with our local, regional and international partners. Working with people based all around the world on a daily basis broadens my perspective, exposes me to diverse cultures, and has enabled me to foster a global network. I am passionate about working with others to develop collaborations that provide the knowledge, skills, and experiences to prepare our students for leadership roles and contribute to positive change in the world. I am currently studying for the Leeds Executive Leadership Level 7 Apprenticeship. Undertaking the apprenticeship alongside my day job gives me the chance to enhance my leadership skills, understand the latest business theories, and apply them effectively to my work.
Triana Gil

Socio-environmental Innovation Consultant, makesense americas

chloe mcguirk

student, trinity college dublin

Mujessem Unuvar

Student, Trinity College Dublin

I am a 22 year old first year undergraduate in Trinity College Dublin studying Linguistics and French Joint Honours. 
Akankshi Vaishya

Student, London Business School

Niamh Adamson (she/her)

Undergraduate Scholar , University of Leeds

Hey :) I'm Niamh (she/her), I study Classical literature and Italian at the University of Leeds. My research focuses on mapping out the circulation of Italian literature between the eighteenth and nineteenth century in Leeds. During the research period I'll be collaborating with Leeds library, helping them catalogue the remainder of their Italian collection into their database. 
Henry Wood

Student, University of Durham

I am a second year student of History and Theology. I am interested in the concept of identity, how we see the world and how that impacts our actions and judgements. I believe today that we are struggling with a crisis in identity and it is my interest to see how we can resolve such tensions. I have a particular interest in religion in both traditional and secular contexts and am further interested in how visual art and music can reflect our inner selves 
Tarika Sodhi

Student, Laidlaw Scholar, Durham University

Matt Penhaligon

Global Leadership Programmes Officer, University of Leeds

Hi, my name is Matt and I am the Global Leadership Programmes Officer at the University of Leeds. I help to manage and run the Laidlaw programme at the university.
George Eilender

student, University of Toronto

Hey, I'm from New Jersey (unfortunately) and I'm studying math and philosophy at U of T. This summer, I'm conducting data science/social science research on online political communities, using right wing YouTube as a case study. I love cool science, AI ethics, dogs, chess and organizing. Hit me up if you want to work on anything together, or just if you want to chat :)
Ajay Nathan

Student, Georgetown University

Hi!  My name is Ajay Nathan and I am an undergraduate junior at Georgetown University studying Science, Technology, and International Affairs on a pre-medical track.  I am a member of Georgetown's second annual Laidlaw cohort, participating in research regarding a potential opioid crisis in India during my first summer and participating in a leadership-in-action project my second summer.  I am an eager and driven individual who likes to expand my interests and skillsets often. 
Julie Dory (she/her)

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hi there! My name is Julie and I am a Third Year student of English Literature & German at Trinity College Dublin. On a day-to-day basis, I serve as the Liaison Officer for Trinity Q Soc and as the Student Union Class Rep for Third Year students in Joint Honors English Literature. My primary interests lie in contemporary literature and its thematic relevance to current events. My research project will look at internal misogyny in the works of Margaret Atwood. I look forward to getting to connect with you and getting involved with the programme! 
Mallika Khathuria

Student, University of Leeds

Law student at the University of Leeds, with a passion for Human Rights Law.
Grace Nash

Student, University of Leeds

Hi, my name is Grace and I'm a first-year Sociology student. I was given the opportunity by the Laidlaw Foundation to conduct research on the student-led project: 'Thinking Inside the Box.  In order to fully understand the project three other Laidlaw scholars (including myself) will be conducting interviews with the students, staff and stakeholders involved in the project. My focus for the research project will be on the pedagogic approach to 'Thinking Inside the Box' and how it allowed students to practice ownership and autonomy in designing their own authentic learning experiences and skills-development. I would love to collaborate with other scholars who have done research into the neoliberal university structure or who are interested in it!
Vaibhav Pramode Nair

Scholar, University of Leeds

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