Elena Law (She/Her)

Student, University of Leeds

About Elena Law

Hi, I'm Elena and I am a part of Laidlaw's 2023-24 cohort at the University of Leeds.

I am currently studying Biotechnology with Enterprise which focusses on applying aspects of molecular and cellular biology to solve current problems. This can be in the form of using genetic modification to improve food security, discovering useful antibiotic properties of bacteria or the creation of vaccines via investigation of viruses. Along side this I also have begun learning about various areas of business in my enterprise modules. 

I have chosen to work on a pre-defined research project: 'Bees, Pesticides and Insect declines: defining the sublethal effects of pesticides on honeybees'. I am excited for this project as I will be able to expand my biological knowledge into the field of entomology and continue to develop my lab-skills independently as I will be observing effects of sulfoxaflor and biological chemicals on young honey bees whilst also analysing their DNA to investigate any genetic mutations. 

I enjoy spending time walking and running (especially around my home in the Peak District), making me motivated to make a difference in conserving and rebuilding our world's natural environments. Additionally outside of my studies I love to dance (ballet, jazz, lyrical, musical theatre...), sing, attend classes with Uni's yoga society, bake and explore in & around leeds (including finding good places to eat) with my friends. 

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Alum: Undergraduate Leadership & Research Programme


University of Leeds

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Biological Sciences

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United Kingdom

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Cooking/Baking Dance Music Nature & environment Running/jogging Yoga

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STEM Research

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