Charlie Norman

Student, St Andrews University
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Joel Beckles

Undergraduate Student, University of St Andrews

I am a Physics student at the University of St Andrews excited about theoretical physics and its applications to industry. I quite like programming as well, and seeing where code can be used to model physics. I also have an interest in improving the speed with which the latest scientific developments can be implemented into humanitarian aid. 

Sofie Brøgger (she/her)

Student & Entrepreneur, University of St. Andrews

I am currently studying Sustainable Development and International Relations at the University of St. Andrews where I also sit on the Environmental Sustainability Board that advises the University on its Net Zero by 2035 strategy. I have experience with green entrepreneurship having co-founded the zero-waste company Concept Zero and been part of the sustainability consultancy OnePointFive as an intern and Sustainability Associate. I am passionate about regenerative farming and design, urban planning and nature-based solutions. I worked as a Growth and Community Engagement intern at Second Time Founders where I gained experience with outreach and community building through storytelling. I am always keen to explore the ways in which systems thinking, community participation, conscious leadership and emotional intelligence can accelerate the transition towards healthy, just, biodiverse and carbon-negative societies.

Lia Da Giau

Student, University of St Andrews

Sustainable Development student at the University of St Andrews and UWC Alumna (Class of 2020). My research focus is on the integration of sustainable practices in the fashion industry, assessing the potential of circular economy models and thinking to address the sustainability concerns related to current production and consumption patterns. 

Mana Gana

Student , University of St Andrews

Mateo Guzmán Subiría

Student, University of St Andrews

Ellie King

Student, Playfair Consultancy

Karis Lonie

Student & Scholar , University of St Andrews

I am a third year student studying Geography and Sustainable Development at the University of St Andrews. I have a particular interest in conservation and climate change mitigation.

Zoe Erin Lynn

Student, St Andrews University

Matin Moors

Student, University of St Andrews

Lola Sophia Mors (she/her)

Student of Earth Science, University of St Andrews

Lou Selfridge (they/them)

Student, University of St Andrews

I am a 2022 Scholar, currently reading English at the University of St Andrews. I have a particular interest in the study of poetry ranging from Middle English verse to the present day, looking at approaches to form and technique. Much of my current thinking surrounds approaches to metrical structuring and analysis in contemporary verse. 

My Laidlaw research project looks at contemporary writing by LGBTQ+ poets who make use of the Scots language in their work, with a focus on how their use of the language can 'queer' its status. 

Radhe Shantha Kumar

Medical Student, University of St Andrews

Tom Burdge

Founder, Researcher and Podcast Host,

I am the founder of where I currently host podcasts with expert guests in Buddhist philosophical practice and theory. With this project, I am to contribute toward correcting the entrenched Eurocentric bias in philosophy by creating an inclusive space for learning about Buddhist philosophy. As a Laidlaw Scholar, I have researched on researched philosophy of time, Buddhist philosophy, and philosophy of language. My research output includes a paper entitled Meaning in Gibberish (forthcoming in Aporia). I have presented this paper and discussed related issues in talks and workshops at the University of St Andrews and the University of Edinburgh. Language learning holds a high in priority in my studies and research. I have studied some Pali (OCBS levels 1 and 2) and I read French fluently. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any interest in the following: Buddhism, Buddhist philosophy, Ambedkar studies, women and Buddhist philosophy, cross-cultural philosophy, critical theory, French philosophy, Laruelle’s non-philosophy, non-Buddhism, philosophy of nonsense, philosophy of death.
Ellen Lavender

Scholar, University of York

I'm a 2nd year psychology MSci student specialising in developmental disorders. My project focuses around the development attention in infants and if certain maternal strategies scaffold joint attention and how this varies cross culturally in the UK and Uganda.

I'm really excited for the Laidlaw programme by building my confidence through the leadership programme and exploring my passion for research further!

Celina O'Connor (she/her)

Student Developer (Leadership), University of St Andrews

Cyrus Chu

Student, University of St Andrews

Supakorn (Nikko) Juengsophonvitavas

Astrophysics Student, University of St Andrews

Hello Everyone!

My name is Supakorn but I normally go by Nikko, I am a second-year undergraduate Astrophysics Student at the University of St Andrews. My research this summer is to produce a catalogue of active galactic nuclei for a future space telescope mission to help further our understanding of the origin of our Universe.

As a student from Thailand, I have worked with the National Astronomical Research Institution of Thailand during most of my breaks since the summer of 2018. I find the observational and computational side of Astrophysics to be the most fascinating, and I intend to specialise in either Extragalactic or Stellar Evolution in the radio wavelength in the future. I am trained for both AZ and Equitorial mounts for manual refractor and reflector telescopes, as well as basic landscape astrophotography. I am current the Senior Observing Director for the University of St Andrews Astronomical Society.

Apart from being at the observatory, I enjoy a good walk/hike and spending time outside. don't play the piano as much as I should but I do enjoy participating in musical activities, ceilidh included. I also do magic which seems to surprise most people (Not the conjuring kind).

Sarah Routley

Student, University of St Andrews

Hello everyone! I'm Sarah (she/her) and I am a second-year undergraduate student in Philosophy at the University of St Andrews. I am particularly interested in the applications of philosophy to social and political issues, and how we can use philosophical arguments to inform policy decisions. As such, my research project concerns epistemic injustice in cases of sexual assault and its implications for university and legal policy. 

Luis Gil

Student , University of St Andrews

1st year medical student at the University of St Andrews with a particular interest in cancer! Outside of university I am interested in cooking, chess, and the outdoors. Feel free to get in touch about any or all of these things :)

Nicole Entin

Student, University of St Andrews

I am a Scholar from the 2022 cohort at the University of St Andrews, pursuing an MA (Joint Hons) in English and Art History. My areas of interest include nineteenth and early twentieth century art and literature, with a particular focus on the Victorian and Modernist periods.

My Laidlaw research and leadership project is on 'Alfred Tennyson's Idylls of the King and Other Poems Illustrated by Julia Margaret Cameron: challenges to gender roles and tradition in the formation of Victorian artistic and literary legacies.' This interdisciplinary project will present the overlooked contributions of a female photographer in one of the most dynamic transitory periods in art and literature, and work with resources in the University Special Collections. Using Cameron's edition of Tennyson's Idylls as a case study that focuses on the female gaze as a 'translator' of the male poetic voice, this project aims to understand how this work challenged traditional views of art, literature, and gender roles.