Bog Dan

Electrical engineering , EPFL
Alixe Kirbihler

Bioengineering Student, EPFL

Hello :)  My name is Alixe Kirbihler and I am a 2023 Laidlaw scholar. I am currently a second-year Life sciences bachelor student at EPFL. I am really interested in neurosciences, the biomedical field and, more generally, anything related to engineering.  Confirmed enthusiast of any outdoors activities, I am willing to discuss with you about any subjects, should it be STEM or climbing-hiking-skiing-diving related ;)  My research last summer focused on characterising a novel D.Melanogaster mutant that perturbs synapse arborisation. It took place in Professor McCabe’s laboratory (for more information:  I am really glad to be part of this community that gathers such inspiring and dedicated scholars and can’t wait to meet you !
Veronika Wannack

Life science engineering student @ EPFL , EPFL

Hello everyone!  I'm Veronika, from Ukraine, and I am a 2nd year life science engineering student at EPFL in Switzerland. I'm very interested in using my education and career to improve the lives of as many people as I can and I care most about biosecurity and various  measures to prevent and halt disease.  For my summer research project, I'm working with Marcel Salathé on the applications of large language models to epidemiology.  On a more personal note, I've done a lot of traveling in my life and I even lived in New York as a child. In my free time, I love to garden - I'm currently in the process of growing purple sweet potatoes native to Asia. I'm a big fan of metal music and love to go to concerts. I also graduated art school in Switzerland before going to engineering school :) Please feel free to reach out, I'm always happy to chat. 
Hamdi Chems

Student in electrical engineering , EPFL

Houseen Shalabney

Student, EPFL- École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

Jillian Shaw

Laidlaw Scholar, Cornell University

Hello all! I study Government and Near Eastern Studies at Cornell University. I enjoy learning about International Affairs, events and trends in the Middle East (especially relating to democracy and regime type), and the impacts of French colonialism. This summer I will be doing research about the impacts of French colonialism on the education system in Tunisia.
Angela Venus Sakuntala

Student, University of Hong Kong

Hi, currently, I am working with Timothy Smith Network as an instructor in Boston, MA. My research was about the relation between sport entertainment industry on adults’ (sport fans) engagement in physical activity. I am majoring in accounting and minoring in finance at the University of Hong Kong. Please reach out if you want to discuss.
Alanna Jane Sethi

Undergraduate Leadership & Research Scholar, University of Toronto

Hello! My name is Alanna, I'm a 2024 Laidlaw Scholar and undergraduate Psychology student from the University of Toronto. I am a youth mental health advocate and am concurrently the CEO and Founder of non-profit organization HOPE (Helping Our Planet Earth) and Head of Wellness of Open Heart by Arise Asia Ltd.  My work at HOPE focuses on making mental health support accessible to youth internationally through developing self-sustaining wellness ecosystems with mental health education, peer support and youth leadership training. We are currently undergoing the charity registration process in Hong Kong and exploring partnerships with school and community-based organizations wordwide.  I love connecting with others and hearing about what you're passionate about, so do reach out and chat anytime!