Angel Rose Latt

Undergraduate Researcher, Columbia University
  • Columbia University
  • People
  • United States of America
Lorna Pepperill

Student, Durham University

I'm Lorna and I'm studying Combined Hons in Social Sciences at Durham University. My subjects include sociology, politics and anthropology with a core interest in theories as well as social division. 

I am devoted to discovering and understanding the structures and relationships that govern our lives and society. Through learning and applying sociological, political and anthropological theories I believe we can uncover not only valuable but also critical information on how we interact with society and vice versa. 

My summer research topic explores if the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced how one views their body and health and whether this influence is gendered. Through questioning people's changing relationships to food, exercise and social media throughout the lockdowns, I aim to begin to unearth the entanglement of unprecedented social phenomena and body image. 

Thomas Malo Bombarde

Student, Durham University

My project looks at the educational outcomes of children on the Autistic Disorder Spectrum and their correlates.

My subjects are Mathematics and Economics within NatSci at Durham University, but I'm eager to engage with anything economics, mathematics and mental health more broadly.

Inkindi Mutoni Sabine

STEM Subject Lead, University of Rwanda

I am a graduand of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Rwanda. I am also the STEM Subject Lead. My Laidlaw research project is about bringing a system that could help in minimizing the number of high-school and primary students who bring cell phones at school since it's one of the major sources of distraction. I am very interested in IoT (Internet of Things) related fields. I enjoy challenging myself because it always helps me to step out of my comfort zone. 

Pearls Eddo

Law LLB, University of Leeds

Hi, my name is Pearls (She/Her); I am a second-year Law LLB student at Leeds.


My first-year research measured the impact of gamifying learning on improving the attainment score and content retention levels of ethnic minority and socio-economically disadvantaged students at Multi-Academy Trusts. 

I co-founded the Leeds University branch of the 93% Club and acted as its Schools Outreach Officer for nearly two years. In recent years I have volunteered at my local Citizens Advice. I will be tutoring primary level English as part of the Laidlaw Foundation’s tutoring initiative with The Tutor Association.

This June, I will be embarking on a year-long placement as a Contract Management Intern at The Walt Disney Company.

Sarina Zhou

Undergraduate Researcher, Cornell University

Hi, everyone! My name is Sarina Zhou, a Class of 2024 student at Cornell University! I am major in Economics and minor in Law and Society. The aim of my research is to implement the UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Barbados, bridge the gap in understanding between legislators and their constituents, and improve the lives of those in disadvantaged and marginalized communities. I always seek opportunities to develop my skills and knowledge in various subject areas, particularly in the fields of law and business. I hope to pursue a career in immigration or corporate law in the future.

Also, fun fact: I am an artist specializing in acrylic landscape painting and graphite portrait drawing!

Please don't hesitate to connect with me! :)

Eva Macdonald

Student, Durham University

Hello! I'm Eva, an history undergraduate from Durham University. My interests lie in uncovering often overlooked narratives within minority histories. My research project will focus on medieval race theories through the lens of the Hereford World Map.

Dana Oshiro

Student, Cornell University

My name is Dana Oshiro, and I am a freshman at Cornell University.  Though I am currently undecided, I am a pre-health student in the College of Arts and Sciences.  I am keenly interested in using science to learning more about and mitigating inequality.  As a future medical professional, I hope to be able to secure the quality healthcare for every individual.  

Stephanie Ormond

Student (she/her), Durham University

I'm currently a second-year history student at Durham University from West Sussex with a particular interest in connections between the modern and medieval worlds. For my research, I will be looking at the use of the Crusades within far-right organizations and what it reveals about the readings of crusade history. Also, I like music and photography.

Lia Sokol

Student, Cornell University

Hi! My name is Lia, and I am a second-year student at Cornell University. I'm majoring in Government and pursuing an independent major that combines politics, international studies, and sociology. My Laidlaw project is focused on public opinion and politics in Russia. I am hoping to examine facets of democracy within an autocratic regime, exploring the legitimacy of three Russian opposition parties and their relationships with the country's ruling United Russia party.

Joachim Jose Mendoza Rillo

Student, Columbia University

Aspiring economist and researcher at Columbia with experience spearheading internationally recognized non-profits through collaborations with National Geographic, UNESCO, the Asian Development Bank, UNICEF USA, and the Philippines Department of Education.

Nicole Wolff

Student, Columbia University

Hi! I’m Nicole and I’m a first-year undergraduate at Columbia University planning to study astrophysics. This summer, I’m living in New York City and conducting remote astronomy research. My project is searching for gravitational wave counterparts, particularly binary-black hole mergers, by looking for signature halos of scattered X-ray light. Aside from research, I love rock climbing, playing tennis and piano, and exploring the city! 

Mia Richmond

Student, Columbia University

Eva Brander Blackhawk

Student, Columbia university

Lauren Pereira-Greene (she/her)

Medical Student, University College London

Third year UCL medic interested in psychiatry and neuroscience, and intercalating in Medical Anthropology. I am passionate about social equality and am the Co-Founder of a student-led widening participation group, DIMA (Diversity in Medical Education) @dimafoundation.

Jenn Reed (he/they)

Student Researcher, Cornell University

Hi! My name's Jenn and I'm a rising junior at Cornell University majoring in History. My research interests are all over the place, but labor, gender, sexuality, and disability histories are my favorite subjects to focus on. I also value getting involved in community organizing and justice-oriented service in these areas and others. In my "free" time, I love boxing, talking during movies, and overanalyzing science fiction.

Adina Cazacu-De Luca

Student , Columbia University

Zulfi Heydon

Student , Durham University

I am an undergraduate at Durham University studying History. I grew up in Oxford but come from an Anglo-Pakistani family - hence the name. I am interested in thinking about issues on a global scale and my research project reflects this: focusing on understanding the global rise of Islamist violence in the last three decades. 

Alvalyn Dixon-Gardner

Student, Tufts University

I am an aspiring Clinical Psychologist, a second-year Psychology student at Tufts University, and a devotee of the arts. My interests consist of aiding in the destigmatization and reformation of mental health within Black and Brown communities. Another passion of mine is fighting for the prevention of child abuse as I continue to intern with Masskids, the Prevent Child Abuse chapter of Massachusetts. As a Laidlaw Scholar, my research coincides with my interests as I focus on how stereotypes, misrepresentation, and instances of erasure within the media impacts the socio-emotional and mental health of adolescents. The goal of this research is to further understand the problem then understand and navigate solutions. I hope to work with non-profits and other initiatives in the fight for mental health in underrepresented communities and would love to be contacted in support of these efforts.

Mindy Duggan

Undergraduate Student, Tufts University

Hi fellow scholars! My name is Mindy Duggan and I am a rising Junior undergraduate student at Tufts University. I am so excited to get to know as many of you as possible and complete my research this summer— which is on autism representation in the hit television show The Good Doctor. I will be asking for participants so if you are interested, please feel free to reach out! During my free time, I love to volunteer with kids— especially children with disabilities. I also love escaping to nature, camping, and trying hole-in-the-wall food places :)

Zachary Ferretti

Laidlaw Scholar, Tufts University

Hi all, my name is Zachary Ferretti! I am a junior at Tufts University, pursuing a major in Political Science as well as a double minor in Economics and Urban Studies. My research takes a sorely needed look at the 1,4 dioxane water crisis on Long Island, New York. I am excited to meet everyone and build strong connections across the Laidlaw Network!