Preksha Sanjay Madhva

Student, University of Leeds
Tobias Hendricks

Student, University of Leeds

I'm a passionate software developer and video game creator. I've been programming since the age of 12 and have loved (mostly) every minute of it. While studying I also run the Computing Society at the University of Leeds. So far its been a fantastic way to connect my fellow Computer Science students to each other, as well as connecting them to employers and organisations. Outside of computing I have a passion for Music and Sports. I love playing the piano, and during my time at university I decided to take up Karate. I'm a fun, social person who's had a variety of experience working in different organisations, including the Arts, Youth programmes and Technology. I'm a confident public speaker, and I always look to bring out the best in others. I'm eager to continue my studies at university and I look forward to what lies beyond.
Farida Augustine

Undergraduate Researcher , University of Leeds

Hello! I am a penultimate year French and Politics student at the University of Leeds with the drive and tenacity to effect positive change on a global scale. My research focuses on identifying West African resistance fighters in the Second World War. I have also developed a keen interest in the Francophone world, French philosophy and Post-colonial Feminist security studies.
Matthew Fackrell

Laidlaw Undergraduate Research Scholar, Durham University

Anthropology and Sociology Undergraduate; from Bristol, UK. I am completing a research project on narrative transmission and reproduction, looking at how oral accounts of geological events are passed down accurately over generations. By understanding how narratives are constructed I am keen to explore interdisciplinary approaches, particularly between Anthropology, Linguistics, Computer-Human Interaction, and Cognition. Other interests include literature, art and photography, architecture, astronomy, and outdoor pursuits.
Caitlin Gough

Student, University of Leeds

Hi! I am studying chemistry at The University of Leeds, I am an Undergraduate Scholar doing a research project titled 'The Upper Atmosphere of Mars'.