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About Tobias Hendricks

I'm a passionate software developer and video game creator. I've been programming since the age of 12 and have loved (mostly) every minute of it. While studying I also run the Computing Society at the University of Leeds. So far its been a fantastic way to connect my fellow Computer Science students to each other, as well as connecting them to employers and organisations. Outside of computing I have a passion for Music and Sports. I love playing the piano, and during my time at university I decided to take up Karate. I'm a fun, social person who's had a variety of experience working in different organisations, including the Arts, Youth programmes and Technology. I'm a confident public speaker, and I always look to bring out the best in others. I'm eager to continue my studies at university and I look forward to what lies beyond.

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University of Leeds

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Report Computer Science Technology

Project Report: Applications of Neural Networks for Real-Time AI in Video Games

This project investigate ways in which Neural Networks can be used for real-time AI in video games without sacrificing performance, control, or simplicity.

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