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About Trevor Hall

I am a junior at Tufts University in Medford, MA. I study biochemistry, and also have chosen to focus on bridging barriers for low-income, first-generation students that will allow them to get into colleges that are financially feasible.

I volunteer as an advising mentor through the nonprofit organization Matriculate and launched a resource website targeting important resources for first-gen, low-income students who are applying to college during the pandemic. 

My first summer of Laidlaw research focused on writing a literature review that focused on tissue engineering and biomedical techniques that are making way into more personalized medicine. I focused on how these new upcoming technologies will pave way for more inclusive medicine. I also highlight the pitfalls within the FDA process of approval of medicines and technologies and how research should encompass more diverse patient populations

My second summer of Laidlaw research focused on college access and reaching out to students who come from first-generation low-income backgrounds. I collected data from students who were mentored through Matricualte over the pandemic, and I hope to provide information from my survey to organizations like Matriculate to help them use for funding, donation opportunities in the future.

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